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Night Leaf

The area where the islands of Stunveldt, Thaur, Dhalmain and Ruh get close together has each of its coasts dominated by humid forests and jungles.   This area of the Haan Archipelago is rich in natural life, that thrives in the several undisturbed forests that remain.
Is in these undisturbed forests that the night leaf can be found: A mid size tree of very slow growth, characteristic for its leaves, which are green and waxy on the top side, and black and fuzzy oon the underside.
  The night leaf produces a small fruit with virtually no pulp, which holds inside a nut with a distinctive, rich buttery flavour, which is sometimes called "delicious nut".   Though the tree is esteemed for its beauty and the flavour and uses of its nut, the very slow growth and difficulty to keep them alive outside their natural habitat keeps the night leaf as a wild plant, with all the production of Enhancing Nut paste coming from small towns close to the old forests where it grows.  

Use as aphrodisiac

The following section discusses topics of sexual health and sexuality.
  Consuming the roasted nut of the night leaf tree increases the bood circulation, the energy and the libido of the person that consumes it, and it is said to improve the mood and enhance feelings of intimacy.   When consumed in this way, the product is known as "Enhancer Nut" or sometimes "Delicious nut", and it is generally produced as a paste, which is sometimes mixed with a low dose of Seeker of Pride, an ego-booster drug, to increase the confidence of the consumer as well.   The Enhancer Nut paste can be bought in house of pleasures across the archipelago, but the rarity of the tree makes the product quite expensive.


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Jul 22, 2023 10:19 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the description of the leaves. I bet they are super striking to look at. :)

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Combining enhancer with an ego-booster is probably very helpful!

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Typo on leaf description. ( oon the underside). Sounds like it is used raw and roasted, but famed for the roasted products.