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Point Tamerlac

Located in the southern area of the white forest of West Larea, Point Tamerlac is considered the westernmost inhabited point of the Haan Archipelago, with its coasts facing a seemingly infinite ocean.   Unlike most Larean settlements, Point Tamerlac lacks any significant farming efforts, and survives mostly by fishing, rearing of small creatures such as trelis and gathering.  

One With Nature

Native Lareans are known for their interest and efforts in keeping the native ecosystem of their island in balance, especially after a lot of it was wrecked by the introduction of exotic creatures.
Tamerlacs take this to the extreme, having their village set in the middle of a white forest while barely disturbing it. Most big trees are kept in place among the houses, and the roads are surrounded by dense vegetation keeping the humidity that the segmented locals love, protected by the plants from the ocean's wind.   Tamerlacs are very strict with the Larean rules for the preservation of their fauna, keeping close count on their trelis population to deal with any escapees, and putting high effort to prevent any lyraik or khóms to access the village.   Thanks to these efforts, Point Tamerlac is a beautiful place for those that love living close to nature, and it attracts tourists that come to get guided visits to the local areas of interest, always closely monitored by their assigned guide.
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The lilac mjellic's last bastion?

In recent years, some tourist have spread a rumor that the extint-in-the-wild lilac mjellic may actually be still present in the forest surrounding the village.
The locals deny such claims, saying everybody would know if such a magnificent creature was still roaming around.


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