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Captain Vertixico

Island of Karte by Naelin
Legendary among the Kartian merchants and sailors to this day, Captain Vertixico was a sailor that served the navy of his kingdom from 2968 E.Alz until his death in 2999 at 47 years old, which itself eerily predicted the fate of the ship named after his legacy.  

Physical Aspect

Vertixico was a scaly societarian of dice snake phenotype. His body was covered in scales of a dark caramel colour with a black pattern of dies on the back, and an attractive bronze chin and chest.
He was relatively short in stature and thin but strong and tended to walk with a bad posture.  


Most people described Vertixico as a "passionate man", always chasing the topics and goals of his interest. He was brave and loyal as his end proved, but also a complex man with a complex imagination and internal life, whose mother described as "a boy that seems to have lived in a million universes before this one".  


Vertixico was born in the Kingdom of Karte in the 14th of Singing, 2952 E.Alz in a military family.
At age 16, he joined the Kartian navy, and his charisma, teamwork and diligence gained him a successful career, eventually leading to him getting a position as an immensely popular navy captain with a fiercely loyal crew.
He was granted a ship named The Maned and assigned to the duty of protecting the merchants that travelled through the Tantalej river into the ocean as the pirate threat worsened on the west coasts of Karte Island.   By the year 2999, Captain Vertixico was renowned and respected for The Maned's efficiency.   Rumours say that the famed Irate captain Heliom survived two attacks by The Maned, and though this remains unconfirmed it provides a good motive for the fate of the captain: on the 17th of Preparing, Heliom's ship "Wild Goes Faster" intercepted The Maned at sea and fired several rounds at her, before fleeing.   The damaged ship made haste to the nearest port, but after entering the river she met on her way the Many Eyes, a bigger, better-armed pirate ship that saw the opportunity and attacked.
Captain Vertixico spent his last minutes saving his fellow crewmates before being trapped under the deck of The Maned and going down with her to the bottom of the river.   Two survivors of the wreck claimed that, in his last moments, the captain's face illuminated as if in sudden realisation, and he screamed "Not again!" before disappearing underwater. No definitive explanation was found.  

Legacy: The KHS Great Vertixico

The Maned's surviving crewmembers went on to tell of the captain's valour, and he became a local legend.   In the year 3003 E.Alz, the king Rastapuj declared a War on Pirates and commissioned several hunter ships for the effort.
One of the ships was named KHS Great Vertixico in honour of the drowned captain and included an oils portrait of Captain Vertixico in the cabin, commissioned by the survivors of The Maned.
After the end of the war on pirates the KHS Great Vertixico was deployed to patron the Tantalej as the original captain once did.

Twice Drowned

The decade of 3000 E.Alz saw the rise of a civil war in the country, which spanned more than two decades until the 20th of Harvesting of 9 E.Ru with an event known as the Night of the Unlit Candles.   During this night, the Great Vertixico was used by the military, civilians and possibly members of the Regal Stag Family to escape the City of Dia, but they sailed into an ambush by the Irates, potentially tipped off by the revolutionaries.
The Kartian ship suffered such an intense fire that it sunk rapidly, preventing the Irate from plundering it, but dooming the more than 50 passengers to drown in the river.
Dice snake
Lawful Good
Date of Birth
14th of Singing, 2952 E.Alz
Date of Death
17th of Preparing, 2999 E.Alz
Circumstances of Death
Place of Death

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