Science and Technology

Alzufhar Era

3014 E.Alz 0 E.Alz

  • 1356 E.Alz

    13 Birthing
    1357 E.Alz


    Glorious Vulkenar (The Vulkenar supernova is visible in Vhas)

    The explosion of the star Vulkenar was visible from Vhas through 11 months and gave birth to the theory of magnetars and the myth of the Glorious Vulkenar's Telescope.   This event also lifechanging for those who followed the Cult to the Stars, and started the tradition of the Mourning of Vulkenar in the island of Ruh.

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    Mourning of Vulkenar
  • 2596 E.Alz

    The Knowledgeholders are founded
  • 2827 E.Alz

    Purple Jelly is invented
    Technological achievement

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    Purple Jelly
  • 2981 E.Alz

    18 Harvesting
    2983 E.Alz

    10 Singing

    Rosscot Camp is set, then dissapears
    Discovery, Exploration

    Rosscot Nouverre, a Dhalmanite explorer, was founded by her government to set a camp on an uninhabited area of the southern islands to gather information, resources, and hopefully expand the Dhalmanite control through the archipelago.   Rosscot set out south on 18th of Harvesting of 2981 E.Alz leading a team of 54 people and 18 alzufhar to set up a camp in the north area of the closest island.   The camp operated for two years bringing important information and resources back to Dhalmain, but then suddenly stopped communicating, and all attempts to reach them ended with the sailors never being seen again.

    Rosscot Camp
  • 3000 E.Alz

    3002 E.Alz

    23 Reaping

    Epidemy of Blackout in Ruh and Stunveldt
    Scientific achievement

    The epidemy of blackout affected the populations of Stunveldt and Ruh greatly during the years of 3000 to 3002 E.Alz.   In Reaping 23rd, 3004 E.Alz, the plant thorn child was found to be useful in the making of a medicinal beverage against it, which stopped the disease and its spread almost instantly, controlling the spread of it and giving the epidemy an end.
    This cure has, however, a small chance of producing thorns, a short term disease characterized by a blind rage. No cure or preventive measures have been found against thorns, though the creation of thorn cells have helped the control and treatment of the affected people.

    Stunveldt Island
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  • 3002 E.Alz

    A new supernova is detected in the firmament

    Though it was investigated in depth, there was no proof to be found of it turning into a magnetar.

  • 3005 E.Alz

    31 Birthing
    3017 E.Alz

    3 Birthing

    The first edition of the Books of Habits and Beasts is published
    Cultural event

    The most important and complete encyclopedia about the life and history of the Haan Archipelago is completed, several small editions and additions were done through the years. The book was updated after the High Rust and published again on year 3 E.Ru

Rust Era

1 E.Ru and beyond

  • 3 E.Co

    3 Birthing

    Second edition of the Book of Habits and Beasts
    Cultural event

    Veld and their team started working on the new compilation of the Books of Habits and Beasts around 3012 E.Alz.   As the High Rust hit the archipelago and impacted most things in it, it required intense updating and rewriting for a team that was as hit by the consequences of the High Rust as anybody else.   Though many of the collaborators and consulted professionals were lost to the rust, Veld and their closer circle considered the situation to require a second edition even more urgently, as many were using the periodic magazines to get accurate information on the situation of other islands, and sending their own news to Veld's team to research on.   In an incommensurate team effort, the second edition of The Book of the Habits and Beasts was released on 03/03/03 of the new Era of Rust, and the team continued ever since writing, updating and researching, preparing for a widely requested 3rd edition.

  • 8 E.Co

    9 Singing

    Third Edition of the Book Of Habits And Beasts
    Cultural event

    As the second edition of the book was a work focused on gathering the most comprehensive information possible on the Rust and its effects and to make it available as quickly as possible, many on the team felt it to be a rushed work. Immediately after release, they focused on polishing the encyclopaedia and revamping the design, making it a more enjoyable and attractive read. Other areas of the encyclopaedia were reworked on their entirety, such as its timelines.
    Welkinal prominently reworked the zoology articles and polished the artworks, bringing both astounding reference pictures and decorative illustrations. Their advertising pamphlet was reworked in time for the release of the brand new edition.