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  In rare occasions, among humans, are born children with some physical character that make them resemble the Makarids. Some of them are born with an extra tooth, with unusual marks on their skin or with an unusual conformation of their external genitals. All these characters are consistently present in some degree in the makarid species, therefore these children are by many thought to be the proof of a distant and unnknown dragon ancestor in their lineage.   While this might be true for some, though it is unusual for these characteristics to not be present in at least one of the parents too, in many cases these are simple fruit of independent mutations that naturally occur in humans.   Nevertheless, these children often face the same kind of prejudice of the makarids, and the same risks, without the advantage of the magic affinity that true makarids can get some consolation and advantage from.   Many families, when a child with such alterations from the norm is born, abandon them to the hands of some charitable organization, or fairly often directly to the nearest known makarid community, in the belief that the child might bring persecutions to the whole family if discovered.   This phenomenon is so intense in some areas that many makarid community have a formal system of adoption for these abandoned children, and they embrace them in their community as any makarid child. These children are the only humans who won't need to make an oath of secrecy and mutual protection to the makarid community if they want to marry into it, because they are considered as siblings and children in the common pesecution.   Other families decide to join the makarid diaspora together, rather than abandon the child, and while they are usually left out from the tradition and rites of these community, they are still welcome and enjoy the protection of a larger and more organized group of people.

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