Fey Eyed

Badger Otterlynx
Yr.2 Physiogenesius Heredity Report
Prof. Titzin Adze 5222NG
The wondrous and, to the author's eyes, frankly sexy look of a Fey Eyed   woman is an allure many men of Ravenbrooke find nigh irresistible1. The exotic sense of awaiting adventure that invariably blossoms behind the multicolored orbs is too much for many of the Ravenbrooke men to handle1. Yet it was not always so! In fact, professor, only seventy five years ago, it was still technically illegal to have different colored eyes...meaning one could not be a citizen of Ravenbrooke if one were Fey Eyed. The denizens of this far north-western county of The City of the Lights share a near universal penchant for fur caps, round rimmed spectacles, and long coats known colloquially as Dusters. Beards among men have been universal for time immemorial, and thankfully for the leatherworkers of the area, the eye-patch craze of '21NG has never really gone away, here in Ravenbrooke.
  Sprouting from the horrors visited upon some of these solid, hard working folk, by Count Rolfe Rodrigo Schartenheiney the IV and his cadre of debauched nobility, many people quickly came to say multi-colored eyes were the sad effect of witnessing such traumatic events. Over the years, of course, the folk changed the lore, as is the wont of folk everywhere. Coming to settle upon the myth that different colored eyes means at least two different souls, folks with heterochromia were actively avoided and mockingly shunned. Things are different, now, but all one hundred people that filled out our survey said that they had personally experienced, or had personally seen someone experience, bullying and/or exclusion due to heterochromia in their neighborhood.

Transmission & Vectors

Being Fey Eyed is not contagious in the least, professor.


It is a simple and harmless gene mutation that has been taken way out of context, and thrown way into folklore-land.

  1 This has been proven to be, in a word, bullshit. Men are quite capable of resisting the urge to stick their dick into something, believe you me.
Chronic, Congenital
Extremely Rare

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2 Aug, 2022 07:08

As someone with central heterochromia, the concept of "Fey Eyed" is actually kinda reminiscent of my experience growing up, just without nearly as much stigma around it. The "two souls" thing was an ongoing joke for most of middle school, too. Also the footnote had be cackling - I love it.

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25 Aug, 2022 01:03

I got a good chuckle out of the notes, and really liked the tone and way the article is written. Very nice one!