Count Rolfe Rodrigo Schartenheiney the IV

Rangin Tugatully
1st yr. Tellu-Alien Social Studies Michael D. Doyle, Esq., Memorial Hall

Count Rolfe Rodrigo Schartenheiney, IV (a.k.a. The undying.)

Occupying a little castle at the base of a massive tower, 'the Count' rules his roost and people with a fist clad in spikey black steel. He makes no appearances save for twice per year. Once, during the Ravenbrooke Spring Festival, during which it is mandated that folks be jolly. Once again at Midsummer, when he competes in the jousting tourneys always held at thence-of-the-calendar. Rumors have always spread, 'round that time of year, that it is not really he. Indeed, that it could not be he, for even the long lives of the elves could not explain his prolonged longevity. Three times the lifespan of any of the local Elves, it would be. Yet even more than that are the count's...methods. Elves could be cruel and sadistic bastards, true; but it is usually Humans who have the market cornered on brutality. His build and bearing are also quite brutish, being almost certainly human as well. His justice is ruthless. His mercy is utterly whimsical. Rows of impaled corpses line the first few miles of the main roads from the borders of the land. His land.
  Thus it is assumed he is human.
  An analysis of the available raw legal data from within Ravenbrooke reveals very little in the way of actual police action; but a more in-depth look at the math involved in creating these 'available' charts just reveals the falsehoods relied upon to create them. As such, the author's research team decided to obtain our own raw data, hiring adventurers to report on nothing but criminal activity. It had to be done delicately, as the first two sets of adventurers were found drained of all their blood, with no wounds except a small incision in their inner thigh. Their bodies had all been wrapped respectfully in shrouds, and interred arms crossed in traditional cairns far out in the countryside. This was invaluable data for many reasons, not the least of which being we never had to pay the second half of those two contracts. Our third set of adventurers, however; most of them lived! In some capacity, at least, and they were thus able to report back to us.
  There is just as much crime there as anywhere else, there is just a far smaller population than one would expect. The count keeps strict controls on the numbers of children, and of what gender, in any given year. Following is the data about the Count that we have been able to glean, in its' raw form.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is in incredibly good shape, considering his age. He makes a habit of sparring and keeping his martial prowess in top shape.

Body Features

It is still alive, centuries later than it should be. He has a long, aquiline nose, and a sharp widow's peak. His lips are very red, notwithstanding the pallid white of his skin.

Facial Features

Wide set eyes with black irises and red sclera. His lips seem very red against his pale white skin. He has a 'resting doucebag' face.

Identifying Characteristics

The widow's peak, and he almost always announces himself anyway. Arrogant. Has a tattoo of a naked brunette human on his right calf.

Physical quirks

His legs are a little too long,
And the whole creepy eyes thing is pretty darn quirky, professor! Jesus

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He is a monster, a brutal beast with very little in the way of a moral compass. Therefore, he always follows the rules given him by his mistress, Loviatar, lady of pain. Pain and torture are obsessions of his, therefore he keeps his favorite servants out of the castle, of an evening's brandy.

Gender Identity

Whatever he wants to be, as long as he can screw literally everyone else.


He is...not a gentle lover. 'Lover' isn't really the right word, here. More like 'taker'.


Self educated until the age of nine, when he was found and taken in as a curiosity by his soon to be adoptive father.


He has done everything. From muck out chicken coops and horse barns to all of the accounting for his new father's territory and lands. He instituted brutal new taxes, and enforced them by relaxing certain other laws, which raised the kingdom out of debt almost immediately.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He has built out the infrastructure of the entire Ravenbrooke area to such a beautiful extent that travel along its highways and byways, when not flanked by impaled corpses, is quite easy and can be very pleasurable.

Failures & Embarrassments

He failed to marry the woman he had been obsessed with since childhood...his step sister. He took her, and hid her away in a high tower surrounded by thick briars and hundreds of square miles of densely packed forest. When his stepfather found out, he was furious.

Mental Trauma

His step father died by his hands. His step sister was imprisoned and gave birth by his will and seed. He still has an intense need for his blanky.

Intellectual Characteristics

Rolfe is one of them-there genius types.

Morality & Philosophy

Protect the ones you love, unless you desire them so much you kill them. Of course. Just like anyone else. Why? Who's asking?


People speaking common without a thick accent.

Personality Characteristics


He knows of no other goal than to accumulate wealth and keep his population under tight control.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He is really a quite talented oral surgeon when he isn't getting his jollies hurting on the patient. However, neither the amount of the education he has received, nor how he dresses and presents himself, can hide the brutish and brutal features natural to this physical anomaly.

Likes & Dislikes

He likes to say he likes the theater, and the arts; and he commits great sums of money toward their production. But truth be told, he does not really understand the appeal.

Virtues & Personality perks

Every once in a great while, a spark of humanity will pass across Rolfe's consciousness, and he will commit an act of overwhelming generosity.

Vices & Personality flaws

Rolfe is a fan of some very hardcore shit that we will go no further into.

Personality Quirks

Rolfe has Tourette's syndrome, and every now and then takes a sharp breath just before he punches something handy.


Rolfe is immaculately coiffed, but was not always so.



He talks like a brutish, club tongued thug.

Wealth & Financial state

His wealth is said to rival that of the Empress (may she live forever) herself.
Lawful Evil
Current Status
Living his best life. Just doing what he can to get by, man...
Current Location
Many ages of man
Date of Birth
1 March
Circumstances of Birth
Mother died as he clawed his way out
The Corvidwud
Current Residence
Majesty, Grace, He, Him
Black, red sclera
Long, braided, snow white. Hangs to his belt.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Yes, he has skin. It is very pale, which accentuates how red his lips and sclera are.
Quotes & Catchphrases
  • Open wide!
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world. I wish to see rivers of human blood running in merry rivulets down the gutters of the streets.
  • Yes, I am...human. Now, open wide.
  • Nurse, apply the gas.
Loviatar, Lady of Pain
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Infernal, Elvish, Draconic
Founded Settlements
Ruled Locations


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