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The City of the Lights

A mythical city on a far off continent that is the subject of many love stories and romance novels on Pax.


Every race, creed, color and religion is represented here. There are varying levels of animosity, yes. But that is not due to anyone's race, creed, color, etc., merely the people involved.


It is generally known that there is a ruling party, or class, serving the city from somewhere within, but it is so massive it is impossible tro know where everyone lives.


It is known the city is well defended, but no one except the Royals know what those defenses are. There are soldiers, of course; everywhere has need of such heroism. But legends and mythological hyperbole would have us believe the entire continent is defended by everything from giant golems to flying gods.

Industry & Trade

  • Metal refining, recycling, and fabrication
  • Advanced education and learning facilities
  • Advanced construction techniques and artisanal builders
  • Farming and husbandry
  • City planning and engineering
  • Toys, games and sports
  • Medical research and development
  • Minor magical items, such as light globes. Or heating stones.


There are some interesting notes as to [CotL]'s infrastructure:
There are immense structures, megastructures if you will, dotting the landscape. The most impressive and biggest of these works is a canal system that is still in operation today. The Commons, as these incredible buildings have come to be known, are all built (or grown, or whatever magic was used to create them) of the same material, are seemingly impervious to everything except geological forces and even that is in question as there are none in ruins that anyone knows of. It is not known when they were built, only that they precede recorded history of the world by an epoch, or perhaps even more.
There is fresh water and indoor plumbing everywhere, here. Well marked roads and canalways offer easy transport of goods and services. There are a system of firehouses, staffed with brave souls trained to tap into an ancient pressurized water system to fight and extiguish fires. There is a token police force, but a specialized response team for violent or egregious crimes can be found in all areas of the city. A mass transport system, in the form of floating, rug-like disks, drives a proscribed path on the same schedule every day.


There are several districts, or territories if you will, that make up either a densely populated node of humanoid life activity, or a sparsely populated farmland community that is commuted to by those hardy souls who make their living working the land. Most notably:
  • Kowloon
  • Watreton
  • Framingham
  • Norton
  • Bundaberg
  • Synsyn


  • Fresh water in great abundance and with great availability
  • Grain and root vegetables abound; potatoes and turnips are common
  • There are several 'woodlands', but no real forests, therefore lumber is at a premium
  • Bamboo, which grows rapidly and is incredibly strong, grows abundantly and everywhere, here. It makes up the bulk of construction materials used
  • Great herds of reindeer, cattle, horses, bison and antelope are maintained in certain places, but there are none roaming free
  • Pork, chicken, emu and ostrich are raised in the central region of the city/continent
  • Hay and winter feed is abundant
  • Wood is not burned for light or heat; minor magics have been so ingrained into the city's society that these are commonplace for such mundanities as cooking and reading
  • Glass is available in great quantity just below the surface of the entire continent, it seems like
  • Rare metal and mineral mines are plentiful and fruitful
  • Salt is distributed throughout the city, from a salt deposit central to the city's continent. It is provided free, allowing for easier food preservation and etc.
  • Rare and noble gases make their way through cracks in the massive cliffs upon which the city was built, only to be collected and used by the city's science and trades communities
  • Marble and granite, both slab and footing


  • Kowloon Walled City
    A ramshackle looking pyramid of interbuilt and interwoven structures that lean up against and support each other, providing a rickety, yet terrifying, foundation for the level above. It all looks as if the entire thing could come tumbling down any minute, but it has spanned centuries successfully with very few disasters.
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