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A large portion of land, on the continental plateau that is The City of the Lights, is covered in mineral-rich soil that is simply gangbusters for growing bumper crops of corn, wheat, rye and barley. All the grains, really. Many vegetables and husbanded animals, to boot. Every table is full of the freshest ingredients; every milking cow is visibly happy. The roosters strut with purpose. The countryside is full of cheerfully hard working folks, who brilliantly work the land hereabouts. Crop rotations, metered water connections, and alchemically perfect N-P-K ratios are only a few examples of the agricultural advancements made by the Framinghamers.
  The term 'Framinghamers' applies to an awful lot of people, truth be told. The City of the Lights is huge. It is, in fact, big enough to fit the entirety of Pax comfortably within it's borders. These folks number so many that many of them have never met anyone except another Framinghamer. Outsiders of any sort, adventurers for example, stand out like a sore thumb unless one takes precautions. When carnivals and the odd circus come through town, the elves and halflings are sure to precede the animal parade through the townships wherein they ply their trades, simply because they are considered exotic enough to be 'sure things', or 'certain draws'. The term 'rustic' springs to mind immediately; good food, good (mostly) people, and hard work. Backbreaking, in fact. Farm living "ain't no easy street", as is the local euphemism. Their society has become rather more than a little patriarchal over the years, though they started as small villages of humans led by a 'wise woman', or weisheiler.
  Over the ages, the plentiful water supply throughout the entire plateau of The City of the Lights were put to good use by Framinham's enormous farming community, and fantastically huge undercurrent hydroponics systems have become rather common. Supercropping of various flowering plants can sometimes take place on a scale of acres. The amount of food required by the one-hundred and fourteen million person population of the continent spanning country is, of course, vast. Yet these rural folks get the job done so well that the only food shortages in The City of the Lights are caused purposefully.
  This area, this district of the city, produces more food and provender than the rest of the world combined. It is a fascinating place.
-Professor Gnorbert G. Gniles,
The Bardic College Campus


Entirely human, with a half elf "secret" here and there...


It is entirely autocratic.


The biggest, and unknown to the residents, defence of Framingham is the fallacy of the unbounded middle. The people here feel absolutely secure in their way of life.

Industry & Trade

Farming tools and vehicles, fertilizer, excavation. Dairy farms, beef, mutton and goat. Agricultural schools, woodworking, and stone carving.


Canals and composting facilities, waste disposal, fresh water delivery, indoor plumbing, roads and byways, bridges and highways.


Collander, Prattheimer, Whistleforge, Whitefarthing, and Waterforge.


Framework for the casting and construction of large farming implements and fittings.

Guilds and Factions

The Circle of the Wise, The Grange 407, Kingdom Advocates


TheĀ weisheiler who first started the human villages were fleeing oppression and fascism to the north of the City's plateau.

Points of interest

There is so much natural beauty, and wondrous vistas simply abound. One will want to visit the 'vittle skittles'; small eating establishments, generally started by women with grown children, that spring up hither and thither, and often close or change hands within ten years. Avoiding herds of bison and beef cattle is generally recommended, as well. Following the local rules is imperative, here, as a 'lawyerin posse' may come for law breakers or trouble makers. The administrative buildings here are almost entirely underground.


Wealthy folks from the cities will often build 'country estates' out here, much to the chagrin of the locals.


Sturdy post and beam frames supportingĀ adobe.


The land throughout the entire district is flat, just like the rest of the plateau.

Natural Resources

Framingham is entirely farmed-over.
Founding Date
circa 588NG
Alternative Name(s)
Farm Towns, Hog Villages, Hillbilly Heaven
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
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