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A crowded city of roadways, causeways, levees and canals, Greynor is built on and in the water, as much as it is on land. Brightly colored adobe and stick-built homes are built within, among, and leaning up against more modern stone and even some timber constructions. Wares are hawked everywhere one turns, from fragrant cups of hot tea, to good luck charms. Loud whistles, and the snapping of bullwhips are common distractions near the docks and wharves, as the teamsters and longshoremen finagle their loads and beasts through the mud. Shouts ring out when a mate signals their crew to throw the lines and slip their moorings.   The black market is pretty out in the open in Greynor, which is known as a haven for pirates and even less scrupulous merchants. Lawyers are everywhere, and therefore coffee shops are quite en vogue, as are smoking dens and high-end brothels.   Women in Greynor are known to carry curved daggers in their garters; razor sharp blades given to them as gifts upon reaching womanhood. A woman killing a rapist in Greynor is celebrated, and as such receives a small government stipend, and an invitation to join the Queen's Court in Craysilt.


Greynor is entirely human as far as full-time population, however, sea and high elves from feynor ride the trade winds hither and yon...quite often, hither, to Greynor.


Old-school feudal kingdom with a good queen who takes care of her people first.


Navy, an air force of 50 griffon riders, ballistae and catapult seige defenses, stores of food for up to 3 months.

Industry & Trade

Fishing, shipping, marine outfitting, ship building, import/export, tourism


paved roads, privies and running water, public transportation.


Standing army, strongest navy in the Unified Kingdoms, advanced food preservation techniques


Founded as Kethel in the distant past-some scholars say that as far back as 1283 is not unrealistic-Greynor has been a hub of trade and a leader in naval and maritime technology and technique. Credited with being the model for what has become the hospitality industry, Greynor has also been known as a haven for pirates and privateers since before it was actually founded.


People come from far and wide to catch a river boat upriver to Craysilt, and the vineyards surrounding the city's landward side offer romantic getaways and wedding locales. The hotel and restaurant industry in Greynor is legendary, and a general lack of 'laws', or the ever pesky 'morality', has given rise to the finest vice industry on Pax, only surpassed by the fabled City of the Lights on far off (and unheard of) Neelan. Indeed, folks in Greynor are some of the only people in the kingdom who generally know of the desert continent called Narkhala by the deep water sailors, just a fortnight and a tenday south and east. Also occupying this place are criminal enterprises that can reach a global scale, and it is all but confirmed to be a base of operations for the notorious Merchant and Sailor's Guild; an ancient syndicate of wagoners, teamsters, merchants, boat owners and seafolk in and around Greynor and Stilton-Head.   There are also those coming to Greynor to hire on to a vessel that could bring them to the far western side of Pax, to the frontier where the High King has been encouraging colonists to settle.


Greynor is known for its architecture, many of the rounded corners and delicate scroll work embellishments speaking to its elvish roots.


Built this city on rock, and ocean side. Right on a large, fertile river delta. The southern side of the city is the Kingdom's biggest port, officially. Stilton-Head is the largest port of call, in reality, but the King's family is from Greynor, and the rumor mill has called it the biggest port for so long that everyone believes it.

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