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Watreton Wharf

A tangled mass of housing and shops, crowding around canals of all shapes and sizes. Gondolas cruise the narrow waterways smoothly, poled along by crooning young men, dressed in colorfully striped shirts, and tight black trousers. Generally wearing wide brimmed straw hats to protect themselves from long hours in either sun or rain. The weather around here is genuinely pleasant most of the time; these latitudes of Tellus are the proof that she loves us and wants us to be happy. Not too hot in the summer. Just cold enough in the winter for the maples to generate an ample amount of syrup.


A maze of canals and arched stone walkways, the streets of this city are not meant for anything more than foot traffic. The walkways are ingeniously constructed, and incredibly strong, but they are narrow. No horses, or any animal bigger than a large dog, are allowed within the burrough. The terrain is completely flat, and entirely paved over with perfectly fit cobblestones. Here and there, circles of exposed earth sport ivy draped trees, or trellises of flowers. Some of the larger homes, or richer multi family buildings, even show-off with flower gardens or the most opulent of all possessions, here; a lawn.


It is a temperate environment with a heavily modified geography.

Localized Phenomena

The running water of the canals is always...always...sparkling clean, somehow.

Fauna & Flora

Only landscaped flora exists, and pets are the only fauna barring fish and rodents.

Natural Resources

Water, clean water.


This place grew up out of a small community of hut dwelling elves making their living fishing in the canals and making locally flavored jewelry and tidbits. It became a haven for the rich sometime in the 5100's, growing into a vacation spot and then a bustling trade town. The ability to move large amounts of cargo on canal barges, often directly to the end user, was such a tremendous impetus for growth that for the next few centuries the city grew in size until it encompassed the entirety of the canal system, and it eventually became known as 'the Wharf'; and then 'Watertown'. In the local parlance, the pronunciation of 'Watertown' wound up being incorporated into the official name of the Burrough when the city incorporated centuries ago.


The type of people that decide to come here on vacation, nowadays, are usually genuinely disappointed by the experience.
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