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The Bardic College Campus

The largest single compository of knowledge and learning upon Pax, "the school" (as the somewhat sarcastic members of the storied academy refer to the small city) is a rabbit-warren of passages and tunnels, buildings built atop older buildings that had then been expanded upon leave numerous passages and staircases leading to small pockets and niches perfect for studying, or practicing their instruments. The PR arm of the college's administration does a fantastic job of keeping the number of trysts discovered in those same nooks and crannies to a minimum, outside of the city, keeping its external image strictly professional in order to entice the wealthier (and proportionally more prudish) families enrolling.   Located, as it is, upon a giant granite outcropping just above the Arboreal Falls, the scenery far and wide is just as interesting to behold.


There are almost as many craftspeople and service businesses in town as there are students, followed in number by the Professors Pro Tem, then the tenured Professors, followed by the professors emirate and, finally, the administration and the Headmasters of each of the four main colleges.


The school administration board runs the town.


Curtain walls with crenelations and murder holes, hidden pits and traps, a moat, two-thousand years of magical defenses, heavy weaponry, the College of War, Money. Money money money moooney....MOney!

Industry & Trade

Education; printing; bookstores; laboratories; eateries; creameries; bakeries; coffee shops; libraries; luthiers; clothiers; metal-crafting; theaters; music halls; prophylactics; medicine; import/export; sanitation services


Running water and sewers; windmill power take-offs to power well pumps; cobbled roads and alleyways; clean streets and gutters; a professional police and fire service; bridges and archways; constant innovation; sanitation services; hospitals; public libraries; public transportation; public housing


Young people, an almost endless labor supply,


Made almost entirely of the locally hewn gray granite that is so plentiful hereabouts.

Natural Resources

Mineral water, cider, beer/ale/lager/stout,
Alternative Name(s)
The School
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
"harp pluckers"; "bloody entitled bastards"; "students"
Location under
Related Professions


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