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Trayvon the Lighthearted

Sir Traylor Devon vonLichten, Jr. (a.k.a. Trayvon The Lighthearted)

The Dean of the College of Lore in Craysilt, Trayvon is an internationally famous adventurer, bard, and talented romance novelist. There are many stories of his exploits, but some seem so far fetched as to be pure superstition.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Trayvon is a LOT bigger than he "looks"; he dresses in such a fashion that you simply do not notice him towering over you.

Body Features

He is a genuinely large man, with the grace and agility of a professional dancer.

Facial Features

He sports a glorious beard and moustache

Identifying Characteristics

Well, other than his size and the fascinating lushness of his beard, he dresses in a lot of purple. There's yellow involved, at times, and feathers. A codpiece would not be out of character.

Physical quirks

He is oddly devoid of freckles.

Special abilities

He is able to continually cast charm, friends,[/] and suggestion[/] as he speaks, plays, or sings, and has bolstered this with a learned ability to also use Minor Illusion or Prestidigitation. He is a very powerful Bard; perhaps the greatest there has ever been.

Apparel & Accessories

He dresses loudly and in the latest fashion.

Specialized Equipment

He carries a lute with him at all times that he calls "Annie".

Mental characteristics

Personal history

There is very little known about Trayvon's past, childhood, or even his current age. He has been the Dean of the Bardic College Campuses for several decades, now, yet remains seemingly unaffected by the ravages of time. He has confessed to a lost love, the 'great and truest love of this or any other life', whilst deep in his cups, but noone has been able to coax any more than that out of him.

Gender Identity

Trayvon is male, and his fashion choices reflect this.


While reportedly "old as dust", he neither looks nor acts like it, and is quite sexually active. He is "horny as a billygoat", as they say, and quite enthusiastically jumps into bed with men, women, or both. Amongst those 'in the know' (a surprising number of people, who tend to smile a lot), his prowess is legendary. According to him, he is the best in the world.


It is unknown where Trayvon's love of education stems from, but the college stems from actors asking "what's my motivation?"


He is the Dean of The Bardic College Campus.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Saved the world once by singing a lullaby to an Outsider.
  • Has bedded a succubus, an incubus, and an omnibus (simultaneously) and remains unchanged. It is rumored those fiends will do anything he asks of them.
  • Rumored to have bedded Glasya
  • Rumored to have smitten the heart of the Sheherizade of Taisha so hard, he can never go back for fear of her jealous polyandry.
  • Has played at prestigious venues kingdom-wide, including the Royal Academy, The High King's Court, and he famously held a musical residence on a floating casino in Marketoon for almost decade.
  • Saved the Princess Jessie from a marauding Hobgoblin Assassin, earning himself a knighthood along with the scars across his chest.
  • Talked a Green Dragon out of eating a class of students from the School of Archaeology, earning him a "Meritorious Conduct" medal from the City of Greynor, as well as the deed to a large valley near the city.
  • Won second place at the Marlene Rogers Ballroom Dancing competition in Craysilt, 5419.
  • Has been recognized as one of the premier chefs in Greynor by the UKRTA
  • Once chugged a gallon of beer and became an absolute legend among his students.

Failures & Embarrassments

He doesn't talk about these much.

Mental Trauma

His distant past is as mysterious an enigma as ever there has been (except for Cryptic , of course), but it is known to his close friends that he lost someone very special, and much of his behavior is a reflexive need to avoid that grief.

Intellectual Characteristics

He is creative, musically gifted, and can swear like a sailor. He also plays a mean game of Dragon Chess, and if you'll take my advice, whatever you do, do not play cards with this man. He was kicked out of Marketoon for countring cards. Not just one casino in Marketoon, no. He was kicked out of the entire city.

Morality & Philosophy

If you aren't helping someone, what is your life even worth? If you do nought but consume; if you never give back what you receive, you are nought but a predator, and should be treated as such.   Also: explicit:
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"Make 'em cum twice before they ever see your dick"
  "Property"? What is this thing you are saying? Wow, hey, that's a beautiful necklace!


Betrayal of trust, or love. Especially love.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

He will help almost anyone in need, if he is able to. And he is quite resourceful.

Vices & Personality flaws

Trayvon is a little addicted to sex.

Personality Quirks

His prosthetic eye doesn't blink or wink.


He even smells classy as fuck.


Contacts & Relations

He is said to have romanced the heads of every state, and to have standing invitations to all of the 'society' parties in the realm.

Family Ties


Religious Views

It is fine in moderation.

Social Aptitude

This may be the most confident and socially affable person in the world.


He acts like a friendly and nice version of the hot kid in school.

Hobbies & Pets

He is continuously followed around by black squirrels for some reason he has yet to ascertain. They do entertain him, tho.


Mellifluous, deep, and effortlessly sexy.
Current Status
Single (and looking!)
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord, Sir.
Currently Held Titles
Age him or anyone else
Current Residence
One blue, one is a prosthetic
His long brown locks seem to be optimally conditioned
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
He is a white skinned man with what seems like a perpetual tan
Aligned Organization
Founded Settlements
Ruled Locations
Character Prototype
An 80's rock star that managed to sober up and survive.


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