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Taisha, or Taishad to some, is a megadiverse continent with a high concentration of endemic species. Its ecosystems include many types of forests, savannah, steppes, rivers, lakes, wetlands, mangroves, drylands and reefs. The bulk of it by far is comprised of the @Rhegev


The Landzide Mountains split this continent straight down the middle. They are tall enough to block the clouds, blown by the prevailing trade winds, from the western side of the continent, creating unique possibilities for biodiversity.


Currently, these unique ecosystems are home to approximately 12,000 species of vascular plants (96% endemic), 586 species of ferns (45% endemic), 194 species of palms (97% endemic), 1000 species of orchids (85% endemic), 389 species of reptiles (90% endemic), 278 species of amphibians (100% endemic), 282 species of birds (37% endemic), 159 species of fish (66% endemic), 104 species and subspecies of lemurs (100% endemic), 60 species of non-flying small mammals (92% endemic), 43 species of bats (73% endemic) and 13 species of carnivore (77% endemic). Coastal areas are composed of natural environments that are among the richest and most diversified in the Middle Sea region, including coral reefs, mangroves, phanerogam seagrass beds, estuaries and coastal marshes. Studies and literature reviewed indicate the presence of 752 coral fish species in Taisha. The diversity of Tailagasy marine mammals is represented by 28 species, including 27 cetacean species, and only one species of the order Sirenia (Dugong dugon).

Localized Phenomena

The Sea of Glass, the Glaine Cuan, is located somewhere in the middle. It is also home to the most expansive desert on the planet.


  • Rhegev: Port Kalamihari
    The biggest, and busiest, port in this part of Taisha. There are, of course, others, but this is the largest; and, to anyone from Pax, it is considered tiny and primitive.
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