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Glaine Cuan

An immense sea (purportedly) of glass, presumably formed during some cataclysmic geological event.


Completely flat, level, and reflective.


It is too hot to sustain life biologically.

Localized Phenomena

The winds on and around this 'sea' are governed by the intense heat that radiates from the surface, causing air currents and gale force winds alike.

Fauna & Flora


Natural Resources

Loooots of glass.


It is unrecorded how the Glaine Cuan came to be.


None, although some few hardy (or, perhaps foolhardy) souls are known to have tried to brave the immense heat of the Glassee. A popular myth claims there is an opening, a crater, revealing an uncut diamond the size of the High King's castle. Perhaps these 'adventurers' were maybe treasure hunters? In any event; none of them ever returned.


  • Rhegev: Sgàinead
    A city arranged around a crater; a hole punched into the glass of Glaine Cuan from underneath by a massive bubble of hydrogen gas that was released when the Sea of Glass was created. It is a small town by all measures, with between 1,800 and 2,300 residents at any given time. It is where the Blade Priests, known as Tchamut, train and live when not travelling with a tribe of Singers.
  • Epic3: Canyon Run
  • Epic 3: Queen's Lair
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The Glassee
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