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Rhegev Desert

The Rhegev Desert is a vast plain of shifting sands and hidden life that only comes out at night, the lean and hungry type. There are few watering holes or oases dotting this landscape. Once in a while the sands will shift and reveal an old, broken tower. Or, sometimes, the tomb of an ancient emperor lost to time. It encompasses the entire western half of Taisha.


It is a massive desert, bounded by an ocean on the west, and encompassing the western half of the Landzide Mountains.


An environmental anomaly, the desert has come to be through a confluence of weather, geography, and bad luck. It is dry; too dry for anything requiring water to survive for long. It is also too hot for an unprotected animal; they would cook upon the shifting sands within a day.    And yet, there is life! Boundless insect populations take advantage of unique mutations in order to survive, hoarding water to use later. They hide themselves from the heat of the sun, for even these hardy creatures would not last long in full view of the furious blast furnace dousing them with heat like some boiling oil. Animalia, too, flourish here, if only during the sunless evening hours. Nights out here get very cold, so these creatures lair deep in the sand where the temperature remains relatively constant. Most of them subsist on insectoids and, in some rare circumstances, smaller warm-blooded creatures.

Ecosystem Cycles

Smart travellers only ever do so at night, while the temperature is somewhat bearable. A mammal would last a matter of hours in the full sun of a Rhegev summer day. And, so, life comes out at night. It is the only time one will see wildlife out and about, hunting for their own sustenance in the harsh climate.

Localized Phenomena

Light Storms

Refracted light from Glaine Cuan is sometimes reflected back again by the planet's atmosphere in a stunning show of lights that seem like sheets of rainbows glittering over the entire sky and horizon.


The daytime mean temperature hovers around 115°F; night times can vary between 80° and 20°, depending on the season.

Fauna & Flora

Despite the harsh environment, life finds a way even in the Rhegeve Desert. Various polants and animals live here, and some even manage to thrive.

Natural Resources

Silca, chitin, scarab carapaces, agave, aloe, desert cotton, and various reptile skins, among other things.
Alternative Name(s)
The Sea of Sand, The Shifting Sands, The Death Lands, Narkhala
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