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Ankh Anah'tuhn Crystals

Junior Year Project for Professor Lighthearted, 5523NG

Thalion Periwinkel Lindor III, NPC
3rd year student at
the world famous bastion of knowledge known as
The Bardic College Campus.
"Ankh crystals, as they are called by those very few individuals who gather them, are the results of the passage of a purple worm. The mighty beasts ingest and compress precious minerals and various substances, expelling these crystalline structures, along with more traditionally "precious" stones as they pass, leaving behind intricate tunnel complexes that are (potentially) chock full of high quality gemstones."
-Professor G. Gnormand Gnomenclature
There are geological phenomenon that the magnificent Purple Worm propagate, and the creation of the Ankh Anah'tuhn Crystals is a phenomenon that has been classified as Entropic Designation A1 by the world famous Bardic College Campus in Greynor.   Combining small pockets of the the as-yet to be sufficiently studied Gaian Nanites during the process sometimes results in these attuned wonders. Each color has a different affect, but each effect is centered around quantum vibrational fields, which are best addressed in Professor G. Gnormand Gnomeclature's admittedly ponderous work entitled "Extrapolations of Quantum Vibrational Vectorythms at the Extraplanar Event Horizon".   In a quantum nutshell, the Ankh Crystals can hear and respond to matching frequencies, anywhere. This includes extraplanar travel and dimension gateway dynamics interpolated with tradtionally-named "lower planes".   In layman's terms, these beauties can comunicate with each other from the seven heavens to deepest pits of hell.   Following is the chart, created by professor Gnomenclature, that quite conclusively maps the temporal effects of each electromagnetic spectrum to it's associated vectorhythmic effects. In other words, it maps color to function.   To affect the crystals, simply tap like colors together, sharply enough to enjoin a tone. That tone will arrange the crystal matrix in each to matching configurations, and the effect will be engendered. For instance, the elusive blue Ankh Crystals will teleport to each other, while the red will manifest two way visual and auditory communications. The more common purple crystals function much as a Sending spell does and...   Well, see the professor's chart for which color to affect in order to create your desired effect.

Red Two-way, multi phasic communications
Blue Teleportation to each other
White Teleport remote to your current location
Black Destroy remote for 10d6 points of damage
Green Heal remote for 10d6 points of damage
Purple As per the spell Sending up to 3x per day

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Once crystals of like color have been attuned to one another, no distance or space can truly separate them. There is set up, between the two, an unbreakable a resonant frequency that transcends time and space. They operate on the principle of Frame of Reference, so identifying one of the paired crsytals as a "remote" is a totally subjective thing.   Once the craystals are paired, the remote can be operated by simply "pinging" the host crystal with one's finger, or something similar.

Manufacturing process

They are produced in the bowels of purple worms as they burrow through certain types of rock.


Discovered by the Singer tribes long ago, before even the time of the Travelers and the creation of the Glaine Cuan, the secret of the Ankh Crystals has been more or less kept to themselves. That is, until recently (5573NG), when an exploratory team of dark-elf prospectors located the immense warren of tunnels below the desert sands. Spying on, and then ambushing a squad of Singer crystal harvesters, they have sent a force of elves to fortify the tunnels, and to guard them from any but themselves.


They prove that some sort of quantum vibration does exist in the universe, according to the nerds in the paraphysics department at The Bardic College Campus  They also provide a singular tactical advantage to whomsoever controls the means of their production and distribution.
Item type
Creation Date
It is unknown when the first of them was synthesized.
Current Location
Ultra rare; indeed, they are nearly non existant outside of the maze of tunnels carved out of the foundation of the Rhegev Desert.
Variable, with a generic "fist sized" as a sizing norm.
Base Price
1,500 GP
Raw materials & Components
Created of a plethora of minerals, all experiencing the right amount of pressure for the right amount of time, within pockets of Gaian Nanites. The unstoppable forces of the planet's geology met the immovable forces that are the nanite clusters and anomalies, and when mixed specifically with the forces within a purple worm's metabolism, they sometimes create Ankh Crystals.   It is known that Ankh Crystals are plentiful in purple worm spawning grounds, with a higher concentration of rare crystals present.
They are removed (carefully!) by hand, in pairs, from growing crystal clusters.


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