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Lios Cuartachaidh (LEE-ohz quart-uh-CAYthe)

A naturally occurring crystal with specific molecular properties, it can be processed with a specific audiotory protocol and used as a memory keeper. In other words, in combination with a specialized camera-lucida, it can be used to record sights and sounds! The discovery was made long ago, but the practice never really caught on except for in academic circles and the music industry.   While naturaslly occurring, they are endemic to The Shifting Sands of the Rhegev Desert, which (according to tradition amongst the Singer tribes) has strange oases of crystalline formations and naturally ocurring glass obelisks. Called by the Singers Geòds, these ultra rare finds are all impermanent, rising and falling with the tides of the Shifting Sands. Within there are a wealth of finds to be had, from the raw material to make psi crystals to precious gems and naturally occuring prisms, mirrors, and lenses.   At the very center of each of these is a pearl of water. Never very much, never ever more than twenty gallons, and usually less than five. This water is rich in minerals, and has strange properties upon ingestion, the first and most notable being that it will cure the living of any poison, any curse, any disease, or any affliction...including, it would seem, the ravages of age. There is, of course, a problem with harvesting this water.   If one takes too much of the inner water-pearl of the Geòd, the crystall oasis will fail within a week. It will just fall apart, and be claimed by the tidally affected lands of the The Shifting Sands. It is impossible to tell where one will surface next, althought eh Singers tell very tall tales about some few of their number being able to find them with forked rods.


Material Characteristics

The crystals are blessed with a very specific latticework of lead molecules, and have a coloration ranging from rosey quartz to clear as diamond.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Silicate, with a vitreous lustre. Typically breaks with a conchoidal fracture.


Psi crystals, pearl water

Geology & Geography

Found exclusively in Geòds with the The Shifting Sands.

Origin & Source

They are silicate in nature, but other than that we are unsure where and how they originate.

History & Usage


Psi crystals, while not popular amongst the masses, are an integral part of academia and music.

Manufacturing & Products

They must be bathed in sound for forty eight days and nights to be activated.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

The dust created as the sound waves flake off the impurities during processing is simply called psidust.


Accidentally saying the activation keyword or phrase, and recording yourself talking rudely about the police, for example.

Tellus' Standard Reference

Psi Crystal

Wondrous Item

Common Not required

A naturally forming crystal with a very specific lattice-like molecular lead structure, if bathed in a sonic suspension of specific tonal modulation, can be attuned to record specific electromagnetic information. Namely, sights and sounds.    The Bardic College Campus school of Audio Engineering has been working on getting scent to work over them, also.

A naturally forming crystal with an odd nnumber of facets, their coloration ranges from rose quartz to clear diamond.

Cost: 15 GP
Weight: ~1 lb.

Opalescent white
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
1.25 oz/in
Common State
Solid, crystallized
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