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Minstrel of the Realm

Graduates, of the world famous bastion of education The Bardic College Campus, are known for a few different things. Primarily, that they are as horny as goats at a fanfare convention. A very close second, however, is that they are absolutely fantastic at what they do. Whether it is instrumental, song, prose, oratory, or even accounting, the graduates of this lauded establishment enjoy a hand-up in the post-graduation search for a job. The school's recommendation comes with a certain aura of pre-approval, and to be in possession of one of the College's diploma-seals is to invite free food and lodging at inns and hostels anywhere in Pax. For a song, a dance, or maybe a snippet of poetry, a traveling minstrel can acquire shelter and sustenance in civilized societies and frontier towns alike. It is somewhat harder in the wild, but most of those adventurous souls seeking this profession are familiar with this particular hiccup in an otherwise comfortable existence. Most itinerant workers travel the highways and byways of the realms, forgoing the rugged individuality of a life lived in the bush for a nice ride in a comfy wagon. The High Kingdom's roads and throughways are in fantastic repair, and maintained well. The roads also sport overnighters, and troughs and fields for watering and feeding horses and beasts of burden. These Waystops and overnighters were first built by Good King Justinian, and expanded upon each time The Greys hold the crown for more than five years.
  The culture and staff at The Bardic College Campuses encourage such wandering self-exploration. The occupation has certainly molded many a young person into quite an effective teacher; as many as half of the professors living and working on the campus are former Minstrels. Heads of State and titans of business number themselves among the wandering minstrels, wherein they got their start. The connections and friends one makes playing parties and hostels, and entertaining the courtiers of the various social circles throughout the realms, are really quite helpful if one is seeking political office, for instance. Or, perhaps a deal on taxation for one's specialized merchandise. Getting to know the local innkeep, for example, often leads to an itinerant minstrel becoming the caretaker of one of the overnighters, or opening their own inns in far away lands, within far flung exotic cities. In fact, three of the five Servants of the Realm working tirelessly as The High King's Seat are graduates of the school, and they are all beloved patron of the arts.

An excerpt from an archived advertisement brochure lauding the Bardic Colleges and their campus



Possession of the heavy ring bearing the seal of a graduate of The Bardic College Campus. It will have the year of graduation engraved upon the seal's face, and the student's name engraved inside the band. Many steps have been taken to dissuade counterfeiters, who in turn have taken many steps to try to fool people.

Career Progression

Usually beginning as a broke-ass graduate student, the money an enterprising bard is capable of bringing in is really quite surprising. Thus they can afford to travel, and often do so when things in the town they are in get sticky. This usually helps reinforce the 'itinerant' aspect of the job, which of course furthers one's career simply through exposure if naught else.

Payment & Reimbursement

In the words of Heddy Lamar, omniplanar master of the comedic one-liner, "nem de gelt."

Other Benefits

Seeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxx. Lots of it. New sex, all the time, until they find that 'one' and settle down. They also have unparalleled access to food, shelter, and their preferred sexual partner(s).



They spread news, and cheer, and if they are not careful, STDs.

Social Status

Minstrels, the ones who make enough coin to dress in clean, well made clothes, and bathe when necessary, are generally desired by the high ranking ladies of the courts throughout the realms.


As famous and popular as The Bardic College Campus is, it is still only known by a relative few. The demographics here may reach 2% to 5%.



An instrument, or voice, or act, or performance.Whatever the Minstrel's schtick, it is bound to be spellbinding.


Quite variable, mostly having to do with props and set management.


The world!

Provided Services

Entertainment! Purveyors of a sense of peace and calm; and love and light. When people are feeling like the darkness shall never go away, the minstrels, storytellers and entertainers shine through like diamonds bright in a sea of coal.

Dangers & Hazards

Too numerous to list here, but let us stick with stereotype and just list 'STD'. Now that that is out of the way, just use your imagination.
Alternative Names
Sköld, Bard, Jester, Charmer
The Minstrels of the Realms are in short supply, but heavy demand
Not only is it legal, it's practitioners are sometimes even given more than their fair share of second chances. Sometimes third chances, too. Very often, and holding to a stereotype not at all in line with true Minstrels of the Realm, sometime the Minstrel seduces the judge. Which does nothing to propagate a more staid and friendly stereotype. Like the storytellers of yore; not some freshman whose world is their brothel.
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