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Bipedal reptiles, with a sapience and wit to match any human's, but entirely alien to any human's way of thinking. Their society is tribal, focused on family and tribe and the wellbeing of all within.
They are very territorial-the word 'xenophobic' has been used-they rarely have dealings of any kind with outsiders, whose utterly barbaric ways are absolutely confusing to the lizardfolk.

Basic Information


As they are wont to be more accepting and accommodating of physical deformities, they are truly individuals making up a whole. They are, on a basic level, all bipedal with two 'arms' and a 'head'. They can be covered in scales, or skin, or any combination of both.

Genetics and Reproduction

They are, generally, egg-laying and nesting reptiles.

Growth Rate & Stages

Lizardfolk grow to maturity rather quickly by human standards, but live around the same lifespan.

Ecology and Habitats

Lizardfolk much prefer the swamps and wetlands of Tellus

Dietary Needs and Habits

Lizardfolk are omnivorous, but do have a predilection for meat.

Biological Cycle

Lizardfolk often need to shed their skin a few times a year, depending on how rough they have been living.


In lizardfolk society, where the meat of a family member who passes in their sleep is enjoyed by the family at the wake, they have very different views on certain things. Full tribal citizenship is retained by those lizardfolk who become ghouls or vampires or zooanthropes, so long as they understand that the tribe's protection extends to them so long as they do not wantonly spread the condition. So, some lizardfolk bury themselves in mud during the daylight hours, or only eat or drink specific things, and it's understood but not spoken of to outsiders for fear that the half a dozen undead citizens will invite a pogrom against the whole tribe
Similar extensions of full citizenship are granted to any lizardfolk born as a dragonborn, planetouched or dhampir - the last because vampires may live among the tribe, and the former two because of the interplay of draconic blood and elemental interference in the lineages.
The tribes also do not discriminate against disabilities, the shunning or culling of which they have witnessed among humankind and think of as a barbaric practice.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Tribal nomads who nest where the food is easiest won.

Facial characteristics

Lizardfolk faces are, as a general rule, more protruding than a traditional 'humanoid' (or, according to Raquel Pliny, 'elvenoid') with a large maw and rows of sharp, back-pointing teeth.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They have spread to every place in the world. They have colonized the entire planet.

Average Intelligence

Just as average as any human, racist!

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their sense of smell is non pareil; +5 racial bonus to perception Ultravision; darkvision is in shades of purple and blue

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Red-billed oxpeckers, colorful little birds indigent to Taishan wetlands but spread throughout the world with the lizardfolk, can often be seen feeding on ticks, or leeches, etc., at hard-to-reach places on a lizardfolk's body.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

There are lots of 'S' s.

Major Organizations

The tribal nature of their life does not readily translate to any more than cursory cooperation. However, instances have been noted wherein circumstances called for an alliance with another village, or town, etc. Once they have allied themselves, they are very fiercely protective.

Beauty Ideals

Individuality is the most intriguing thing about folks in this reptilian society.

Gender Ideals

Their genders have been known to switch in times of distress; males laying eggs fertilized by the formerly female, etc. Their ideas of gender differences are totally alien to us.

Courtship Ideals

Perhaps a nice dinner of roasted elf loin in duck sauce?

Relationship Ideals

Marriage is very rare amongst their society, but not unheard of.

Average Technological Level

Lizardfolk make crafty tools and build sturdy buildings, but that's about it.

Major Language Groups and Dialects


Common Etiquette Rules

Do not use eating utensils unless absolutely necessary. Holding doors for people is polite. Respect your elders. Don't waste meat!

Common Dress Code

Individuality is such a strong urge amongst lizardfolk culture that fashion is an important and vibrant industry. It has much to do with jewelry and bodily accentuation; their sexual organs are internal, so they are not trying to cover themselves in modesty.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Their culture is very tribal, honoring their ancestors with all of their actions.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Feastdays and celebrations are common among the tribes; the equinoxes being the focus of many of them.

Common Taboos

Letting meat spoil; dishonoring one's ancestors in word or deed; abandoning one's tribe or children


The history of the lizardfolk is vast and legendary, passed down via oral tradition and storytelling.

Historical Figures

Ssiscintell Gaping Maw, Ashrysh'shysh'yn Bloody Claw, Po Arendarensai.

Common Myths and Legends

Interestingly enough, their legends and lore surrounding the Impact are highly similar to the rest of Tellus. Their racial memory of the Elven Purge has left a bad taste for Humanity in their mouths, which they often try to masque with the actual taste of human flesh.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

A wholly homogenous society could not endure, even in fantasy. There are likely non-lizardfolk among any particular tribe. They occasionally take prisoners of war but do not torture or mistreat them. Those who elect to stay rather than face their home communities in shame are welcomed to assimilate into the tribe.
Scientific Name
Reptilius Bipedalius
Any reptilian; dragonfolk, were-caiman, etc.
65-80 years
Average Height
5'5"-6' for males, only slightly shorter for females.
Average Weight
Average Length
Average Physique
Lizardfolk are just as disparate in physique and build as humans, elves, or anyone else.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Lizardflok coloring can be as diverse as a rainbow. However, they tend toward greens and browns; colors that blend in with their environment.
Geographic Distribution
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