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Natively known as: puvva /ˈpɯvva/

  ...and he stood holding his hat and turned his wet face to the wind... zi i zoof war ni yiiaka zi woou ni kiibzu naoo vaav fap[alt] Pronunciation: /zi i zoːf waɾ ni jiːˈaka zi ˈwoːɯ ni ˈkiːbzɯ ˈnaoː vaːv fap/ Puvvan word order: and he stood holding hat his and turned his face wet to the wind[/alt]  

Spelling & Phonology

  Consonant inventory: b d f h j k n p s t v w x z ŋ ɣ ɾ
↓Manner/Place→ Bilabial Labiodental Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal n ŋ
Stop p b t d k
Fricative f v s z x ɣ h
Approximant j
Tap ɾ
  Co-articulated phonemes
↓Manner/Place→ Labial-velar
Approximant w
  Vowel inventory: a aː i iː o oː ɯ
Front Back
High i iː ɯ
High-mid o oː
Low a aː
  Syllable structure: (C)V(C) Stress pattern: Penultimate — stress is on the second last syllable Word initial consonants: b f h j k n p v w x z Mid-word consonants: b bd bt bv bw bz bɾ d dd df dt dɾ f fd ff fh fn fp ft fx fɣ h hv hɾ j jb jd jn jɾ k kd kf kj kk kn kt n nd nf nh nn np nw p pf pp ps pt px s sd sj sn ss sv sx t tb tf th tk tn tp ts tv tw tx tz tɾ v vb vd vj vv vw w ws wz x xk xn xs xw xz z zb zj zt zv zz ŋ ŋh ŋj ŋw ŋx ɣ ɣj ɣn ɣɾ ɾ ɾb ɾj ɾp ɾs Word final consonants: b d f k n p s v w ɣ ɾ   Phonological changes (in order of application):  
  • o → e / #_
  • ɾ → d / _x
  Spelling rules:
Pronunciation Spelling
ɯ u
j y
x kh
ŋ ng
ɣ g
ɾ r
V₁ː V₁V₁


  Main word order: Subject Verb Object (Prepositional phrase). “Mary opened the door with a key” turns into Mary opened the door with a key. Adjective order: Adjectives are positioned after the noun. Adposition: prepositions  




Definite Indefinite
Singular fu /fɯ/ the kiv /kiv/ a
Plural wiip /wiːp/ the ki /ki/ some
  Uses of definite article that differ from English:
  • Definite article can be omitted: ‘I am going to supermarket’
  • Used for languages: ‘The English’
  Uses of indefinite article that differ from English:
  • Not used for non-specific mass (uncountable) nouns: non-specific means ‘Would you like some (any) tea?’ whereas specific means ‘Some tea (a specific amount) fell off the truck’


1st singular bi /bi/ I, me, mine
2nd singular kho /xo/ you, yours
3rd singular i /i/ he, she, him, her, his, hers, it, its
1st plural yo /jo/ we, us, ours
2nd plural kov /kov/ you all, yours (pl)
3rd plural niid /niːd/ they, them, theirs

Possessive determiners

1st singular yiiw /jiːw/ my
2nd singular o /o/ your
3rd singular ni /ni/ his, her, its
1st plural ab /ab/ our
2nd plural og /oɣ/ your (pl)
3rd plural yaa /jaː/ their


  Puvvan uses a standalone particle word for past tense:
Past Particle before the verb: hab - hab kooka /hab ˈkoːka/ learned
  Puvvan uses a standalone particle word for future tense:
Future Particle before the verb: zoː - zoo kooka /zoː ˈkoːka/ will learn


  Puvvan has a base-10 number system:   1 - khoo 2 - fi 3 - ha 4 - i 5 - pif 6 - hub 7 - kho 8 - yib 9 - hiis 10 - noop 11 - noop zi khoo “ten and one” 100 - yiw “hundred” 101 - yiw zi khoo “hundred and one” 200 - fi yiw 1000 - oddoffa “thousand”  

Derivational morphology

  Adjective → adverb = Prefix oː- Adjective → noun (the quality of being [adj]) = Prefix wi- Adjective → verb (to make something [adj]) = Prefix ɯ- Noun → adjective (having the quality of [noun]) = If starts with vowel: Prefix h- Else: Prefix hi- Noun → adjective relating to noun (e.g. economy → economic) = If starts with vowel: Prefix n- Else: Prefix nɯ- Noun to verb = Prefix iː- Verb → adjective (result of doing [verb]) = Prefix joː- Tending to = If starts with vowel: Prefix p- Else: Prefix po- Verb → noun (the act of [verb]) = If starts with vowel: Prefix v- Else: Prefix viː- Verb → noun that verb produces (e.g. know → knowledge) = If starts with vowel: Prefix w- Else: Prefix wɯ- One who [verb]s (e.g. paint → painter) = If starts with vowel: Prefix z- Else: Prefix ziː- Place of (e.g. wine → winery) = Prefix i- Diminutive = Prefix a- Augmentative = Prefix aː-

Geographical Distribution

Worldwide, in every conceivable environment.


4510 Words.
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