Elven Purge

A dark tale of times of terror and war, it tells the story of how the humans tried to wipe out the elves, tried to 'purge' them from Tellus.


After a war of many years and great loss of life, the human armies returned home from a long journey, and settled in to enjoy their victory over the troublesome Kobolds. Reproducing as humans do, they began to expand into the arboreal forests around their ancestral home in the east of the East. It encroached upon an elvish sanctum, and the whole jesus works exploded into a bitterly fought war.

Historical Basis

No one has been able to verify this, even at the academically acclaimed The Bardic College Campus .


There are subsects of the long-lived elves that truly believe this story, and approach interactions with humans as life threatening, like having to co-exist with a wild animal.

Variations & Mutation

In different tales, it is Gnomes the humans were wiping out, or Dwarves . Even unicorns. But its always the humans doing the purging, as opposed to being purged themselves.

Cultural Reception

Low born crassness has led to this legend being a favorite amongst peasant humans.

In Literature

It is only ever alluded to in Literature as 'the Purge', but it has been referred to in fiction and fantasy tales hundreds of times over.

In Art

The famous La purge des femmes elfes depicts raving and drooling human mobs killing elven men, and raping the elven women, while the fabled primeval forests of old burned in the background.
Date of First Recording
When, or exactly how, this myth came about is uncertain.
Date of Setting
It is a myth purported to have happened long before the Cataclysm.
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