Kingdom of Cotnor

Located in the Northernmost reaches of the Western Continent, Cotnor is a hardy country filled with hardy souls. Snowbound most of the year, Cotnor imports most of its fruit and vegetables in dried form, invariably enjoying the harvest season at the end of their short farming season. Wealth is measured in more than coin, in this inhospitable region. Reindeer are treasured resources, herds of them roaming the countryside under the watchful eyes of careful herders. Clothing, tools, jewelry-all made or inspired by reindeer. Reindeer styling on their pottery and etched into their weapons. Reindeer adorn their tapestries and paintings, and they drink their mead from large horn mugs.   Mostly formed around nomadic tribes, there are a few families in Cotnor that are considered 'nobility', or 'royalty'. Notably, the king in Cotnor is descended from the Garnak family, which rose to prominence only a generation ago. Seizing power in a bloody coup'd'etat just a single generation ago, the current King-or Volkenjarl in the their local parlance-is just as cold and calculating as his Father was, and more vicious. He is known to impale enemies of the state upon the Steel Way...the only real 'road' in the country, it runs for exactly one mile straight to the steel gates of the capital city.


The King has a court and courtiers, and governs the land from the capital city. It is the only stone city within the confines of Cotnor and its territories. The population is almost entirely nomadic, following their reindeer herds around and living of the land, raiding, and hunting.

Public Agenda

To protect the lifestyle and freedom of their people.


Silver, gold and precious stone mines dot the mountainous landscapes, with a preponderance of diamond mines far to the north. Copper and tin are mined in the southern reaches of the land, nearer to the great lakes in the middle of the continent of Pax.

Technological Level

Cotnor's twisted-rope crossbows are famous for their armor penetration.


Cotnor's people worship the nordic pantheon, believing their cherished ancestors have just passed on to feast with Odin.

Agriculture & Industry

Precious metal and stones are mined in various secret locations throughout Cotnor.

Trade & Transport

River barges transport ingots, ore, reindeer products and local art to Greysilt, from where it is distributed throughout the land.


Skaalds, better known as bards throughout the rest of the land, recite and chant the odes and eddas containing the oral history of the entire country.


There is one city, Cotnor City. The rest of the country is wild, and the rest of the people remain nomadic herd-folk.

Sic Semper Tyranus

Cotnor Border Map cover
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Northland; The Snowbound
Northmen, Barbarians, Wild Men
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Dependent territory
Economic System
Major Exports
Timber, precious metal and stones, reindeer goods, luxury furs
Major Imports
Produce, fabrics, salt, pork, beef, spices, glass
Parent Organization
Manufactured Items
Related Myths
Related Plots

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