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Tchamut? Gesundheit!

The High King's Seat needs reliable adventurers for a covert mission to Cannat Glaine, and Glaine Cuan, on the desert continent of Taisha. This is a lucrative job, commensurate with the danger to life and limb.   They have not previously entrusted a group of people to undertake this mission.   It is a diplomatic mission to meet, and establish a relationship with, a fabled group of priests called The Tchamut, rumored to live in the middle of the Sea of Glass. The party will be escorting a member of the Diplomatic Corp of Scholars named Twostars to the North, and her maidservant, Canary in the Wind.

Plot points/Scenes

  • Travel, overland and ocean.
  • Battles and encounters
  • Puzzles and mazes


Alien cultures, things look and feel alien to the characters as a whole. Open minds are important. Beauty is found in the oddest places.



The characters meet on the job, having called in a favor to get it. If all goes well, they will be asked to undertake a diplomatic mission for The High King's Seat, and return with the information and gathered intelligence.


At first, it's Kate's Lads sending bandits after the barge to try to discredit the Merchant and Sailors' Guild and take over some of their territory. They have decided to expand out of Marketoon, and have targeted Greynor, which is the seat of the Merchant and Sailors' Guild's power. The Guild, being who they are, has done a fantastic job of keeping their true scope and power under wraps, so Kate's Lads has a false sense of security in this venture.   There are also natural challenges, such as weather and rogue currents.    If they accept the job, there will be a long ocean voyage and the Ocean Adventure Hub will be the GMs friend.


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