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Hell in a bucket..

Having learned about Vekheteshaynaralax-Shayna's new digs in Ba'ator, it became apparent to our intrepid advcenturers that they would have to venture, bodily, into hell. Figuring out how to get (and stay alive) there is in itself a daunting task. But, they have the Library and the Librarian at their disposal, and Pandora Skydale has some info gathering tricks up her own sleeve. Also feeling the pull of the The Bardic College Campus, Pandora may have access to a different set of information. More 'performative' works, and an extensive archive of histories recorded via a modified sending stone (the only such library on Tellus).

Plot points/Scenes

Figure out how Figure out where Figure out when


Gypsies, bright colors, music, dancing, fine food and drink, thoughtful brothels, romance   Fire, blood, pools of blood, mysterious rivers, boatmen/ferrymen, pay the ferryman



Pandora, an adorable but troubled young halfling lass, has been having odd dreams. Dreams of who she (now) knows as Asmodeus (or "Odie, for short") being very kind and...romantic? Candlelight dinners, deep conversations, picnics overlooking beautiful scenes simply packed with vistas...   Cryptic, an enigmatic sardonic person wearing a fox mask and a carrying a beautifully etched glaive, has been having fun needling the clueless locals about their lack of imaginitive banter...   Eleglin, an enigma himself, as he is an elderly elf with snow white hair...and jet-black skin! He has found himself in the company of these Godpuncher whippersnappers; and while it is important work, they are simply exhausting.   Sarathina has come to Greynor specifically to find Plume, on a tip from a red-headed youth with a wide grin and a mischievous glint in his eyes


Agents of Shayna are actively trying to thwart their mission.   They find a reference to the information they need; A book called To Hell and Back; a Comprehensive Travel Guide is said to exist, probably at the famed and storied Bardic College Campus.   Travelling to the college is dangerous for them, as they are beset from every angle, with traps and spies at every turn.   The Wild Hunt has discovered Cryptic's whereabouts, and the huntsman is getting crafty.

Rising Action

  • Pandora wants to go to the bardic college
  • The reference they need is at the bardic college; a book called "To Hell and Back; a Comprehensive Guide" by O.G. Nommie.
  • They discover teleportation circles are like homing beacons to fiends and devils of all sorts.
  • They discover the origins and corruption of the The Dragonways
  • They discover that the The Dragonwayshas exits in all the levels of hell, and that there is a map to the Gateway in Avernus
  • They discover that they will be able to find the map to the next Gateway on each level of hell.
  • They have the means to discover what each layer is like, who the lord is of each layer, and how best to defeat each arch devil.


Arriving at the first layer in the middle of a feast hall occupied by a raging party of devils; at first they will be mistaken for thralls as they have no auras. If a fight does break out before the end of the feast, the guests will disapparate and leave to fight Zariel on her own. If they survive, the next act begins!

Falling Action

They take over the Bronze citadel from Zariel, ruling the layer as soon as one of them sits upon the throne.


Learning to find the next Gateway, they prepare for the crawl through the layers of hell.



  • Find out how to get there.
  • Figure out how to stay alive when you get there.
  • Figure out how to get to the next level after you get there.
  • Either survive or defeat the Wild Hunt




  • Lives, souls, worlds, multiverses...the usual.
  • Trees.
  • Plume's family is ensalved in Stygia.
  • Pandora's people, at least fifty-percent of Tellus's Halflings, are imprisoned in Malbolge.

Moral Quandaries

Cruel Tricks

All of the dragon travellers have to go back to their 'original', or 'home' plane, in order for Bayard to safely release this one from it's "time bubble". Meaning they all are going to perma-die (except for Vekhettebærdolax-Bayard ), souls and all, and they all know it.

Red Herrings

are maybe a snapper or a grouper? Not a herring?







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