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The Dragonways

Discovered by Good King Justinian in 5133, these pathways are extradimensional shortcuts to various places throughout Pax, and indeed, the entire world of Tellus. Connected by various ingeniously hidden gateways, if you know the right path you can get where you're going in a day's twelve hour march. If you do not know the path and become lost, with no knowledge of the Gateway you seek, you may never find it.
No one knows if anyone has ever survived becoming lost on the Dragonways.
Each of the Gateways has a unique identifier that must be known by at least one member of the traveling party to be able to exit. The rune can be shared on a piece of parchment, or that new-fangled paper even.
  Once within the Roadways, or Dragonways if you prefer to be precise, there are several precautions that should be noted:  
  • Bring light sources with you! Even if you are able to see fine in the dark, some of the things that lurk in the shadows will stay away from the light. It is the only thing that can drive some of them away.
  • Bring the means to 'light' the light source!
  • Time moves differently within the Roadways; do not simply wander! If your mind is not focused upon your mission, and your destination Gateway, you may emerge a hundred years from now.
  • Do not fall; as far as we know, the corpse of Good King Justinian is still falling today.
  • Ware the wind! It is malicious!
  • Do not get separated, or you will become lost, and then become dead.
  • Do not ride any animals within, or force them into service while within the Roadways. The magic that grew them will abort your journey at a random spot in the multiverse. There has been...some unpleasantness.

  Our advice is to avoid them altogether, but hey, it's your life.


Excerpted from a dissertation written by Gnathalie Rockbiter, of the Northern Pax Rockbiter clan.   The Roadways, once bright and beautiful ribbons of stone amidst a moving panorama of the night sky, as seen from a small green planet we can just barely make out with our most powerful equipment and magics. We do not know why this was. Nor do we know what happened, but some sort of catastrophe broke the Dragonways. Corrupted them, in some way. They now fester dark and still, only the stone bridges and floating discs of the Ways remain. The magic that kept the wooden stairs and buildings from rotting has long since dissipated. Now, the Roadways are just bare stone, decorated only with the thick mists and clouds of dense fog that coalesce randomly all throughout the Ways.
  The soaring stone of the walkways is, in places, still intact and breathtaking beautiful, but most of the once bright-white marble with blue veins creeping through it has become a sickly gray-green color, and in some places is unsafe altogether. Contrivance will need to be made in order to cross. Be sure to follow your path, lest you lose yourself and the spark of your life be snuffed.


We do not know, as the few researchers who ventured into the Gateways returned changed, sporting brand new looks of despair and uselessness.

Ecosystem Cycles

The mists and fogs seem to have some cycle, but only that of the Fibbonacci Equation.

Localized Phenomena

  • The shrieking winds of moaning darkness that will sometimes gust to hurricane strength; be sure to be able to baton down quickly
  • Huge swarms of shadowy, bat like creatures not unlike stirges now hunt in the infinite wastes of the Roadways. They are called Gwythaints, and should be avoided! If that is impossible, they will try to push you off the edge, and feed on you until you are naught but a husk, like they did with Good King Justinian.

Fauna & Flora


Natural Resources



Created prior to impact by some archmage in Greynor.


No one other than researchers and the foolhardy have passed through the gateways.
Alternative Name(s)
The Roadways; the Ways
Dimensional plane
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