And along came Polly...

Abigail Grey, a priestess of Selune, has posted Help Wanted signs all over Watreton Wharf. Short on cash, and long on optimism, she seeks the services of a group of adventurers for an 'information gathering' job for a 'substantial bounty'. There is a disclaimer at the bottom:

Plot points/Scenes


City walls, city streets, street lights, duels, duellers, duelling, renaissance art, inventive mechanisms



Setting the Initial Scene:   The city of the lights, your home, is said to encompass the entire world. Most people know it to be quite a bit smaller than that, but no one seems to know exactly how big or small it actually is. The people who live along the vast walls and cliffs have never been to the other side; indeed many of the Middlers have never seen any of the walls.   It is big enough that dialects and accents differ from region to region, that is for sure, and everyone certainly agrees that all of the immense, original buildings and walls seem to have grown, out of the ground, as opposed to being built, atop it. Oh, structures and buildings and beautiful architecture of the City's own has arisen and fallen, sure; but the massive original structures still stand, unchanged. No damage, no rot, no chip or blemish has marred the white crystalline walls of the city. The walls and buildings predate the long, long memory of recorded history, leading to some speculation that they were the abodes of gods, abandoned like they abandoned everything and everyone else when the world broke. To most, however, they just are, and they always will be. There is no questioning of their reality, no existential crisis of ancient architecture. They're just the Commons.   Tiers of roughly built homes lean up against the glass-smooth walls, some going so far as to use the wall as a foundation for a glorified lean-to. The interiors of these grand affairs have received much the same treatment, with homes and businesses occupying the acreage of negative space within. Most of the Internals are wealthy; after all, they live in a place safe from the city's turbulent weather. There is some sort of internal air exchanger and cooling system in all of these immense structures, also, although no one has been able to find any machinery, or figure out how the devilishly clever system of mild currents works. The builders of the original structures also created roads, and canals for fresh water distribution systems. The sewer system below the city is at least as big of a marvel as the city itself, sporting massive arched vaults and ingenious check valves in key places. Fresh water cisterns and plumbing are surprisingly common features in modern homes, reusing the ingenuity of the past.
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