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10 Jul, 2022 17:54

Time to pack my bags and set sail! What is the terrain like? Will I need climbing equipment?

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
I also make worldbuilding resources!
14 Jul, 2022 02:13

The access to Nidhay's lair is fairly easy once secured a passage on board of the ship. That's not to say that *climbing equipment* won't be put to good use once arrived there ;)

10 Jul, 2022 23:35

Well, where do I sign up to meet Talbenth?

14 Jul, 2022 02:17

*produces a scrap of paper that so far has just two other names on it*

14 Jul, 2022 02:17

*produces a scrap of paper that so far has just two other names on it*

12 Jul, 2022 22:05

Can I invite Talbenth for tea and biscuits?

14 Jul, 2022 02:19

Talbenth don't usually leave their lair, but you are welcome to pay them a visit and spoil them with tea and biscuits (and any other tasty baked goods) :)

13 Jul, 2022 12:53

I clearly have two kind of friends and it is my pleasure to cater for both of them :P At least with the characters articles.

14 Jul, 2022 14:22

and we are very grateful <3

14 Jul, 2022 19:25

Two kinds of friends? The enablers and the ones that would bribe you to write the things?

14 Jul, 2022 19:55

No, they are all enablers who bribe me with their own works to make me write things, but some want to climb a mountain to Talbenth's lair and others choose to *first* set sail to Nidhay's nest :P

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
19 Aug, 2022 22:02

Great article! I really love how they all decided to take matters into their own hands and make more half-dragon babies XD This is a very fun concept, and I love that everyone just go for what they want without caring about social norms.

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