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Rediscovering birds

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Thaur Island
During one of the scientific expeditions to the Delta of Many Birds in Thaur Island, a Kartian sailor by the name of Sidrar found the nest of an interesting bird they hadn't seen before while the naturalists were on a break from work.   Later that day, he informed the rest of the team and guided them back to the nest, where the bird was documented, illustrated and named after him.
Sidrar wrote a private journal entry detailing the events of the day, which include details on his relationship to another crew member.
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Journal, Personal
Character | Jul 19, 2023

A sailor known for his contributions to the exploration of the Delta of Many Birds and the naming of a species after him

Sidrar's Wader
Species | Feb 6, 2023

A tall fishing bird from the depths of the Delta of Many Birds


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