The cause of coneshaming is definitely related to humans. No cat without a human has ever been coneshamed. In fact, most cases of coneshaming happens in relation to the Vet.


The main symptom of coneshaming is that cone-shaped object, called a Cone of Shame, that gets stuck around your neck. This is shaped in such a way that while you can eat and drink, you can't wash yourself, or scratch behind the ear.

While the Cone of shame is stuck around your neck, the humans seem reluctant to grant you a basic need for us cats - going outside. If being unable to clean your illustrous fur wasn't bad enough, you're locked inside, with the house as a horrible prison.

The third symptom is the horrible feeling of shame you get from being seen with such a ridiculous accessory as the Cone of Shame.


While coneshaming seems like an endless predicament, it does end after a really long time. The Cone of Shame comes off, and you'll be able to wash yourself properly again. Don't be concerned if this first wash takes the whole day - your fur is bound to be disgusting, after all. However, when your fur is back to its old, flawless state, you're free to live your life as a cat again.


The ICB Science Depawtment is hard at work to figure out how to prevent getting coneshamed in the first place, but as there are no ways to prevent the humans to drag us to the vet, no matter how loudly we protest, there are no real way to prevent coneshaming.

Cultural Reception

Being coneshamed is perceived as a great shame, as the name suggests.

Affected Species

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