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ICB Science Depawtment

Humans think they're the only species who can do science.

I'm just here to point out that they are wrong. Cat science is far more elegant, useful and discreet than human science, and doesn't even need opposable thumbs.

— Cat Scientist
ICB Science Depawtment

A secret carefully kept from the humans, the ICB Science Depawtment is an integral part of ICBs success and operation. This is where the cat scientists come up with new and useful technology to further expand the glory of catkind.

A Team of Superior Brainstormers

The ICB Science Depawtment is a carefully chosen team of the best thinkers of the ICB. It's a minimum requirement for these scientists to be smart enough to operate human door handles. If a cat scientist can't even understand such a simple construction, how can they invent even more advanced ones?

It is preferred that any cat who wants to be a cat scientist has at least an idea of a new invention or an improvement of an established technology before applying to work for the depawtment. However, some kittens who seem to possess a great potential for intelligence might be given an apprenticeship to prevent the other depawtments from grabbing them first.

An Optimal Working Environment

The cat scientists of the ICB Science Depawtment are usually found in the Thinking Box in the Cat Tower. This advanced laboratory is situated at the lowest level of the Tower, preventing the cat scientists from spending too much energy getting to the lab.

Everything in the laboratory is designed to assist and inspire the idea creation process. It has all the parts you'd expect from a high tech laboratory, including tools and reagents for both chemical, biological and technical sciences. All instruments and machineries are, of course, invented by the ICB Science Depawtment themselves and optimized for maximum ease of toe bean operation.

When the cat scientists need a break from all the inventing and improving they won't have to leave the laboratory to get a treat. In one of the inner corners you will find a box full of Temptations designed in a way that the cat scientists will need to use their problem solving skills to fetch the nuggets of deliciousness. This sharpens their already impressive brains even further, bringing new chances of incredible ideas to investigate further.

Some Important Discoveries

It was originally cat scientists who discovered ions. The cat scientists tried to make it clear that it was their discovery by naming the ions with positive charge cat-ions. However, since humans don't possess the superior intelligence of catkind the naming of ions (including cat-ions) was credited to some human scientist who played with magnets. Cats have not forgotten this betrayal.

Don't Need No Stinkin' Opposable Thumbs To Do Science

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I absolutely love Mew World. So excited for a new article!   Honestly I suspect I may be one of the Guinea pigs in my cat's science experimentation.

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