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Thinking Box

Big Brains

The Thinking Box is the headquarters of the ICB Science Depawtment, which is the branch where the most intelligent members of the ICB end up. Currently led by Dr. Brainiac a.k.a. Linus, this scientific laboratory and its team is the result of many a clever cat invention.

The Most Advanced Equipment

While the scientists of the ICB Science Depawtment are smart enough to invent all kinds of neat inventions to further catkind, it's certainly easier to invent stuff with the right equipment. The Science Depawtment invents and makes all their used instruments, which are, of course, optimalized for toe bean operation. No opposable thumbs are needed to operate anything in this room, as it should be.

One important piece of equipment is the Treat Dispenser. Through clever mechanics and with easy toe bean operations, the cat scientists have free access to treats whenever they want. There is a catch, however. To get the dispensed treat, the cat scientists need to solve a puzzle first. This will not only prevent the cat scientists from gorging themselves on treats, but also keep their brains sharp to think out new ideas and inventions.

Studies Of Nature

While the Thinking Box is mostly known for its impressive inventions, the cat scientists are spending a lot of their time figuring out how the world works. This includes, but is not limited to, observing the world around them and making clever connections to explain why things work as they do. Every creature needs to be assessed for danger and observed. To the right (or before the list of inventions further down if your information gathering device is smaller than a small cat) you see a young cat scientist trying to make sense of those flying sheets that seem to appear every summer.

While most of the depawtment's nature studies are done outside the Thinking Box, the discussions about it happens inside.

The absolutely hardest creature to make sense of is the humans. The cat scientists spend countless hours trying to make sense of these furless and clumsy animals, but it's a slow process filled with contradictions.

The most impressive nature discoveries made in the Thinking box includes the Buttered Bread Principle, where the cat scientists figured out bread always land with the butter side down, and developed the art of BB Levitation using this principle.

Impressive Inventions

All the best cat inventions come from the Thinking Box. One of the greatest inventions is, of course, Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that makes humans like cats better.

Alternative Names
Don't Need No Stinkin' Opposable Thumbs To Do Science Hall
Room, Lab, Scientific
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Famous Inventions and Discoveries

Toxoplasma gondii
Condition | Apr 18, 2021

A parasite that makes people more fond of cats

BB Levitation
Technology / Science | Apr 18, 2021

The Cat Science of Levitation

Buttered Bread Principle
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Apr 18, 2021

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Aug 9, 2022 01:47

I am so amused by this article. Pretty sure my cats are sitting in their thinking boxes as I type this.

Aug 24, 2022 02:23 by Deleyna Marr

This is hilarious. I love the entire world and can't wait to read more. Especially loved the way you had the writer address the reader suggesting that their reading device might be smaller than a small cat. Nice touch.