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Toxoplasma gondii

We need humans to let us share their homes.   In order to be able to do that, they'll need to like us enough to let us live with them.   Our brightest scientists have found a way to ensure our further coexistence with the two-legged idio... uh, I mean, humans.
— Cat Spokespawson

The scientists at the ICB Science Depawtment were tasked with the job to develop a way to ensure that humans would keep cats in their homes. They came up with a bioengineered parasite that makes people want to spend time with cats and thus increasing the chance they'd keep cats as pets. This parasite was Toxoplasma gondii.


In healthy adult humans Toxoplasma gondii won't give any noticeable symptoms, though they might get some light flu-like symptoms during the first week after being exposed to the parasite.

There is a slight bug in the parasite where it is deadly for very young children and people with weakened immune systems. The ICB Science Depawtment is trying to find a solution that prevents the parasite from killing its hosts in these situations. Right now it's a horrible yet necessary price to pay for the advantage the parasite gives to all catkind.


There is no known treatment or cure for Toxoplasma gondii. One this bug gets into your system, it's there to stay. The only thing you can do is to embrace your new life as a cat person. This is not a bad situation in any way, however. Cats are amazing creatures and deserve some cuddles and noms.

Hosts & Carriers

The ICB Science Depawtment made sure that the parasite would only be able to reproduce in cats, who are also the main carriers of the parasite. Of course, cats are superior beings and isn't affected by the parasite's effect.

Sheep have also been used as carriers of the parasite, but of course, the humans just had to develop a vaccine against Toxoplasma gondii that give the woolly savages lifetime protection against it.

Chronic, Acquired


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