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Sphere Wreck

"I lost one home to the bottom of the sea. When I watched Dead on the Water sinking, I decided I wasn’t going to lose a second."
  A Sphere Wreck is a cross between a cargo ship and a submarine, and is never seen above water level. These ships originate from Scarmont Key and are piloted by the warforged that live there. The ships are sent on long journeys around the continent of Arrasgoth to collect magical items that have been found in the vast oceans. The items then get returned to Scarmont Key for safe keeping.   The first Sphere Wreck was created by the warforged themselves without artificer input. It was a recommissioned shipwreck that was propelled by an arcane sail that caught the underwater currents. The artificers pointed out they needed to be able to breathe in these boats and so adapted and improved the original design to the one that is seen today.   A Sphere Wreck is named as such due to the way it looks. A Sphere Wreck is created by combining artificer technology with an old, shipwrecked boat found at the bottom of the ocean. The artificers create a glass-like dome of magic over the top of the ship wreck and fix the holes that are found in the hull or elsewhere with machinery parts. The dome contains oxygen that allows those that are not warforged to breathe, but the boats tend to predominantly be piloted by the warforged themselves.   A Sphere Wreck can officially be run by one warforged if it is running with all power. If the ship is attempting to run stealthily, it requires a crew of at least six warforged as the power will only be put to life support. They then sail the ship manually under the water just like a traditional ship above the water.

Power Generation

The original Sphere Wreck was powered by old gears and cogs that had to be turned to start up all of the technology within the ship which there was very little of due to the fact the ship had to be underwater. However, the artificers felt that this was not as streamlined as it could be when updating the ship for their own ability to travel. They found the blueprints of the original Key that powers Scarmont Key and created a miniture version of it. Once this Key was inserted, it would create an arcane pulse that would power the artificer created engine to light the boat up, activate the breathing dome and start up the system to propel the ship with the artificial currents.


The original Sphere Wreck was powered by an arcane sail that caught the underwater currents. Unfortunately, this meant that the boats could only go the way of the currents. Once the artificers became involved with the redesign, they developed a technology that could influence and generate a localised current to direct and propel the boat. This involved creating a modified jet of arcane water that can be fired at the sail to create the current.

Weapons & Armament

Whilst the Sphere Wreck is not built specifically to be able to fight, it is built to defend itself from those who might try to destroy it or steal it. The first armament is the shell of the ship itself which is protected with an arcane shield once the Key is inserted and the ship is powered up. This shield works to keep the hull intact and stops any magical interference with the ship from outside sources. The shield also physically repulses anything that comes into contact with it.   The ships weapons are also powered by the Key. The ship can launch an arcane pulse through the shield into the water around it to knock back or knock out any creatures or objects near to it so that it may escape. This pulse can be directed wherever the pilot deems it to from the shield. The pilot can aim and fire the pulse through automation, but it is more efficient and quicker if there is crew manning each of the stations.

Armor and defense

Sphere Wrecks are heavily armoured as previously stated by the shield that is activated once the Key is inserted. However, the hull itself is physically reinforced with metals and strong woods so that it can withstand the long journeys around the continent that they have to make underwater.   The dome cannot be seen through due to a magical affect the artificers had put in place to protect them. It can be seen out of so that those piloting the ship are able to navigate, but no one can see who is inside of it. This is due to the slightly unlawful activities that the artificers and warforged of Scarmont Key are taking part in so it keeps them off of the law's radar.

Communication Tools & Systems

Sphere Wrecks have built in communication systems that link back and forth between both their ships and Scarmont Key itself. This link is through the Key that is placed into the ship to power it. The Key links the warforged to the central hub to allow them to telepathically communicate with each other any where in the continent and beyond. Artificers cannot connect to the Key so are never left alone in the Sphere Wrecks.
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