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Dead on the Water

"It can be called many things, creaky, leaky, a hazard depending on where you snoop but to me, it's a safe place... It's home."
  Dead on the Water is a commissioned pirate ship under the leadership of Captain Kat. Her crew are also known under the name of Dead on the Water. Dead on the Water is a large ship, larger than the main flagship in the fleet. The ship is officially part of Captain Gawain's fleet of ships, alongside The Last Fortune. The ship is quite old and battered but is well loved by a mostly female crew, save for two male members and a warforged.   Dead on the Water is normally found either at Prosperity Bay or at Peregrine Bay, depending on the job they have lined up. The ship is often in need of repairs when docked and is quickly fixed up by whoever is on hand. The ship is built to withstand most attacks.   The crew of Dead on the Water were originally the dead crew of Captain Kat after she was cursed by a hag to have a crew that would never leave her. Once the curse was lifted, she was able to gain a crew that was her choice and who were alive and breathing. At least, most of them are.

Power Generation

Dead on the Water has no specific power generation, just like the rest of the fleet it is a part of. It uses the wind and the waves to guide it where it needs to go. There are no plans to get any upgrades to the power generation of the ship at this time, mostly as the crew do not have the money to afford any magical upgrades.


Dead on the Water is propelled by large sails that are attached to all of the masts of which there are three. The sails are on a pulley system like the other boats in the fleet and need the crew to tend to them and make sure they are working on them at all times of day when sailing. All the crew are trained on how to lower and raise the sails, and how best to sail with them.

Weapons & Armament

Dead on the Water does not have a massive amount of weapons but does have cannons on the top deck that can be used in an emergency. The ship is desperately due an upgrade in armament but has yet to have the money for this or the place to get them.
Creation Date
17th of Prinomili 143 BTU
Owning Organization
Current location

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