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Dawn Seeker

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The flagship of the first Nimýric expedition across the Davygómara Ocean.


First Expedition

The Dawn Seeker departed from the port city Vógamar on Chychlun 3 in 1002 PN, along with an escort of two smaller ships. After several stops along the way, they eventually arrived at a lush forest valley on Dyntélun 9.   The initial encounter with the local savages was a peaceful one. However, over the course of three days, they became increasingly hostile and eventually raised weapons against their guests. The Nimýric soldiers were forced to defend the religious and scientific members of the expedition, and a dozen lives were lost before an agreement could be reached.   After the conflict was solved, the expedition continued to explore and map out these lands for about three years. The crews of the escorting ships stayed behind to establish a base for later explorations, while the clerics and four of the scholars returned home to report back to the Imperial Court.

Second Expedition

In late 1007 PN, the Dawn Seeker was sent onto a second voyage to these foreign lands, bringing along a group of four support ships. However, a devastating storm left the Dawn Seeker damaged beyond repair, and the ship was hauled ashore to serve as a base camp from 1008 PN onwards.


The settlement built around the Dawn Seeker was captured by a hostile army in 1016 PN. According to those who escaped, it was burned down after the savages slaughtered half of its population.

General Information


The ship was manned by 70 sailors who were commanded by a captain and four navy officers. For ship-to-ship combat, the cannons were operated by a total of 50 soldiers.


Up to 200 passengers could be accomodated aboard. On the first expedition, these included 120 additional soldiers specializing in land-based combat, along with their commander and four army officers.   As for civilian passengers, the first expedition was led by the bycópa along with two acolytes. They were accompanied by a group of worldly scholars which included one physician, two botanists, two mineralogists, one engineer, and one cartographer.


The ship had four masts. The two in front were rigged with two rectangular sails each, whereas those in the back held triangular ones for sailing against the wind.

Weapons & Armament

The Dawn Seeker was lightly armed with 16 cannons, 8 on each side. They were handled by a total of 18 gunners and 32 regular soldiers.
Alternative names
Davecó Tónarór
Creation Date
998 PN, Chynlun 5, 1002 PN - Lahalun 16
Decommission Date
1008 PN, Aolun 23
Destruction Date
1016 PN, Vésólun 12
~10 m
~45 m
3 - 5 km/h (against the wind)
13 - 16 km/h (with the wind)
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
175 soldiers
10 civilian passengers

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After the Birth of Nimýron

0 PN - present

Pal Nimýron - after Nimýron

  • 998 PN, Chynlun 5, 1002 PN - Lahalun 16
    Construction of the Dawn Seeker
    Construction beginning/end

    The "MRP Davecó Tónarór", literally the "Dawn Seeker", is built for an ambitious expedition across the ocean.

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  • 1002 PN, Chychlun 3
    The Dawn Seeker embarks on the first Expedition

    The Dawn Seeker leaves the port city Vógamar, escorted by two smaller ships. The group heads towards the Eastern Island Chain.

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  • 1002 PN, Chychlun 16 - 18
    The Dawn Seeker arrives at Phealunis

    The expedition arrives at the island Phealunis where they stop for two days to replenish their supplies.

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  • 1002 PN, Chynlun 3 - 6
    The Dawn Seeker arrives at Geólunis

    The expedition stops for supplies at the island Geólunis.

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  • 1002 PN, Dapolun 5 - 11
    The Dawn Seeker arrives at Ivkhema
    Discovery, Exploration

    After about a month of sailing, the Dawn Seeker arrives at what is now known as Ivkhema, an island north of the Khemilan mainland. They spend six days there in order to explore the island and replenish their supplies.

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  • 1002 PN, Hémélun 5
    The Dawn Seeker arrives at Qùgêzuia
    Discovery, Exploration

    The expedition headed by the Dawn Seeker arrives at a large landmass with a seemingly endless mountain range behind a mostly barren beach.

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  • 1005 PN, Matcylun 23
    The Dawn Seeker embarks towards Gysuphun

    While the original escort remains in the newly discovered lands, the Dawn Seeker leaves homewards so that the expedition can report their discoveries to the Imperial Court.

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  • 1007 PN, Vésólun 17
    The Dawn Seeker embarks on its Second Expedition

    After extensive repairs, the Dawn Seeker once again leads an expedition eastwards. This time the escort consists of four ships.

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  • 1008 PN, Aolun 23
    The Dawn Seeker is decommissioned
    Disaster / Destruction

    A heavy storm near the Sunset Valley leaves the Dawn Seeker too damaged for further travels. It is pulled up onto the beach to serve as a base camp.

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  • 1016 PN, Vésólun 12
    Destruction of Davecómar
    Military action

    After a bloody siege, the settlement which formed around the remains of the Dawn Seeker is burned to the ground.

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Author's Notes

I guess I should make a timeline for this. I've filled half a notebook page with the dates for the intermediate stops and considered putting them here, but then decided to save them for a later prompt. Maybe an article about the yet-to-be named bycópa, as part of the "leadership" theme.

Update: I have added that timeline! ^^

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