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Sand shoots behind as the crowd cheers the racers on.   A lone trader leads the beasts forward as she travels late at night.   A spear flies out from behind a sand dune, knocking the rider to the ground.
  All of these images and more are tied to the megarara, the fixture of Vitlesh caravans. Led by the dutiful feramegrin, these sledges are the only way to travel the wastes of the Vitinji Desert. Or to enjoy them. It is really up to how desperately one needs to travel.  

Wood Like Wet Sand

Megarajin are a carefully-crafted vehicle. The base of the sledge is made of curved planks of wood, usually the wood of the Darang Tree. The curved bow permits it to not sink in the sand, and the feramegrin are hitched to the front of the vehicle to help drag it across the sand.   The richer or more ostentatious might get gilding done to the wooden frame, or a comfortable chair installed on the megarara's back half. In cities, smaller megarajin with small, rounded square wheels are common when carrying baskets or pots of produce from house to market. But in the end, it's about cargo, not comfort.
CW: Violence, animal husbandry (mentions)
Related Ethnicity
Sand sleds


The megarara is not just for travel. The Vitlesh often use the sleds for fun as well as for work. Towns will often hold races where the most well-designed megarajin and the finest teams of feramegrin are on display. The Vitlesh nobility and well-to-do are also known for breeding feramegrin specifically to be megarara racing beasts.
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Jul 21, 2022 19:06 by Molly Marjorie

Very nicely tied into the rest of the culture. (Being a language freak, I particularly like the singulars and plurals provided.)

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