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May you find consolation in the arms of Death.
May Death return you to us alive, in this body or the next.
May your return be a source of jubilation and festivity.
May your body not fester or dry before it returns to use.
— traditional Vitlesh funeral song
  The first impression that most have of the Vitlesh would be their taste for the macabre. Bones ornament the houses of their cities, recently-deceased corpses sow and reap their gardens and oases and every festival begins with the invocation of Inke, their deity of death. It’s enough to scare away most adventuring types, that’s for certain. But like with most ethnic groups on Dreandril, that’s only the surface of what makes the Vitlesh tick.  

Death and Undeath and Life

Headed by the Rotpriests of the Princedom of the Steppes, the Vitlesh have a taste for necromancy that few in the multiverse could match. Zombified legions serve in the army of Princedom of the Steppes, for example, and it is customary for those who have recently lost a family member to sell and/or raise the body to be used for manual labour.   All of this is due to their philosophical and religious background; The Vitlesh widely believe that death, life and undeath are equally valuable facets of existence - as long as they aren't diseased, of course. If anything, it allows their relatives to continue to be helpful long after their ashek, their “spark” of life, has departed. To the Vitlesh, it is merely practical; why put perfectly good bones and muscles into the ground when they could still be of use?
CW: death, body horror, undead, funerals
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Princedom of the Steppes
Viceroyalty of Versal Phanta
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The Vitlesh have adapted to life in an arid land. Their towns and cities are congregated around oases and the three major rivers, using places of plentiful water to feed their families. Most who aren't farmers keep large amounts of livestock and travel from town to town.   The partially-underground dome-shaped house known as the dimma (left) is typical of the Vitlesh, who use this type of construction to keep their homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Depending on where they live, the house could be made of cloth, sandstone, or clay.
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I love the attitude these people have toward using the bodies of their dead! Does the necromancy also help keep the bodies from decomposing? I'm really excited to write my culture now, because they're kind of the opposite of yours.

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