Yppwenlas Cerraed and Chariots in General

The Yppwenlas's cerraed or chariot was first made in -992 BGD, it was not as comfortable as the one today, but was made for the Yppwenlas to travel to any cities in Western Agia, should he require that.

The current Yppwenlas chariot is a very elaborate one made by engraved wood, gold paint and white paint, and shows details that you are not in doubt it is the Yppwenlas' chariot.

History of the chariot

Up until a few decades ago, the common chariot for nobles and other rich people were not suspended, and instead had the body of the chariot resting on the axels, which made every bump transmitted up the chariot. Cobblestones inside cities could destroy wheel rims, breaking axles and spokes due to the shakes and the body of the chariot.
The overall style before was a square body with rounded roof. For those who could afford it would have been gilded with beautiful paintings, gems, and softened inside with velvet, the Yppwenlas chariot even more so.

in 847 AGD the innovation of suspended chariots made a dramatic change of the feeling and style of the chariot. The front wheels were slightly smaller than those in the rear. The suspenders on the current Yppwenlas chariot is made from chains, unlike the more common style which is made from leather. The structure of the chariot also became lighter, and no longer needed four or five horses to pull the chariot.
Creation Date
Built in Autumdref Temyn 984 AGD
Owning Organization
Current location
The exact price is unknown, but only a few people other than the head of church would be able to afford it.
There is currently only three carriages of the same material type; one for the royal family of Aistana, one for the royal family of Estain, and one for the Yppwenlas.


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