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Divine Vessels

From Nervonia and the stars beyond Indovir and his kin descended on empty Niorath. But where they placed their divine vessels life sprung forth. The trees grew tall, the rivers flowed, and the sounds of animals arose.
— Archonic Creation Myth
  The divine vessels are a recurring theme in almost every creation myth of Niorath. All religion agree that the gods arrived on great ships created in the celestial realms of Nervonia. From their they travelled many years until they reached Niorath and created life.   The main difference is often who was on these life giving vessels. For the Archonic belief it was only Indovir and a couple of angels and that all other gods afterwards were created through Ascension. Others like the followers of the Ilbon Pantheon belief for example their origin gods were already on the divine vessels.  


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  In almost any creation myth the Gods, also referred to as Prime Asmer, originated from Nervonia. The story of how the Gods came to be varies in every religion but at least they share a common origin.   After containing the Primal Chaos and creating the outer and inner regions of Nervonia the Gods wanted to set out. They used the finest materials of the Celestial Realms and the best angels to construct gigantic vessels to travel through the stars. Once they were ready the Gods set out on their journey and would stop at an empty world, Niorath.  

Birth of Life

  In this part of the mythology there are some differences. Some religions believe that the Gods themselves brought life to the planet while other religions claim that the vessels themselves were seeds to fill the world with life. In any myth though life has at least started around the landing spots of these vessels.   As they are believed to be able to grant great benefits to the world around it, the divine vessels are heavily sought after. Thus far none have been found. Many myths claim that one divine vessel crashed near the current Cloud Lake and caused Magicfall in the process. No one has been able to verify this thus far as any expeditions there do not return.




  Historians do agree that the divine vessels most likely exist as they are commonly referred in ancient text and have even been mentioned in ancient Prime Asmer ruins. What is, however, still open for debate is wheter they all arrived at the same time.   In recent years discoveries in Asmer ruins have brought to light that it might have been possible that the divine vessels of the Asmer were only the latest and that other similar vessels landed on Niorath before. Many religious persons don't like this idea as it would suggest that it was not the Gods who brought life to the planet but rather other humanoids.  
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