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Deep Train

A massive, vaulted chamber stands nearly untouched by the millennia. The domed ceiling is carved bronze, reflecting the heavens far above. Stone and bronze columns glitter with gems and precious metal in strange designs and occasionally, a faint glimmer of passing magic will light them. Impossibly, there are monstrous contraptions in place on their tracks. The machines look much like small fortresses on wheels, some even complete with battlements, and some with surprisingly delicate, filigreed stained glass windows emblazoned with images of dragons rampant, cloaked figures, and a woman with golden eyes and black skin. The rails, mercifully, at least as far as you can see, are clear.

The Roads Below

In the height of the old kingdoms, when the dwarves and elves were still whole and independent, the dwarven kingdoms built massive interconnected cities deep beneath the roots of the mountains. They wove their monolithic buildings through solid stone as easily as spinning silk. They made great advancements in technology, creating complex automatons, weapons, and personal contraptions which improved everyday life. Their greatest achievement, however, was a wonder never matched; the Deep Trains.   Through thousands of miles of solid stone, the dwarves built vast tunnels with copper trenches and rails. There were stations and outposts at intervals and crossroads, all manned with soldiers and traders. And upon the railes, moving at astonishing speeds, the trains sped travelers, goods, traders, and diplomats on their way through the dark.  

Steel and Stone

The first trains were little more than featureless boxes on wheels; fast moving deathtraps only for workers and soldiers. As they refined the process, the trains became more elaborate and diverse in design. There were rolling fortresses designed for war, with massive battlments mounted with war machines. There were delicate, gilded luxury trains with specialized cars for diplomats or parties.  

Left Behind

As the wars between demons, undead, and a thousand different kingdoms ground the world to dust, the many wonders of the dwarves were left in the dark to be forgotten. Many of the dwarves were forced into slavery to the demon lord, Jella. Those who escaped were still pushed from their mountain lands and had to abandon the deep trains. After centuries of disuse, the rails fell pray to the ravages of nature and time. Some are still functional and if one is extremely lucky, the tracks may be clear for miles at a time. Their wonders are ready to be discovered in the dark.


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