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D-Class Fighter

Dragons on the wing...   The staple combat craft of the Thunthen, these mass-produced aircraft allow the Dragonmen to compete in sky and space against Thangien riders. While equipped with formidable phergon-based weaponry, they have a crucial weak point that is often exploited in unconventional means. The tough alloy hulls are not impregnable. Pilots often wear reinforced full-body armor coated in obsidian tiles to protect their flesh. A fully-equipped Pegasi can take on a whole squadron of fighters, but the sheer numbers with which Thunthen can field can slant a dogfight in their favor.

Power Generation

Small phergon-based closed fusion drive housed in the center of rotating wing.


Single engine. External thrusters on wings and chassis. Crescent-shaped single wing rotates on an axle shaft, enabling quick turns and allowing pilot to navigate narrow passages.

Weapons & Armament

  • 2x long-range phergon blasters  
  • 2x mid-range vulcan cannons  
  • 4x mid-range missiles  
  • 2x short-range phergon pulse beams

Armor and defense

  • Moderate strength hull and cockpit plating.  
  • Particle cloud shield (for atmospheric entry and energy diffusion against beam attacks)  
  • 2x rounds of anti-projectile flares  
  • Life support systems for prolonged space and lower orbit combat  
  • Engine housed separately from cockpit, allowing pilot to survive if axle shaft is targeted

Communication Tools & Systems

  • Short-range comms (within planetary orbit)  
  • Emergency burst-wave transceiver (system-wide range)


  • Holographic interface and HUD.
  • Detachable screen tablet for emergency communications and landing.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Use of a steering column or control stick is impractical for Nobeyl claws. Control of the fighter is achieved via a complex pair of gauntlets mounted under the HUD. A skilled Nobeyl pilot can "feel" his way through combat.
He dared a glance over his shoulder and spotted several objects speeding towards him. They looked like narrow cones with broad crescent-shaped wings that rotated on an axis. Rowen fitted arrows to the string and prepared to fire, but hesitated when he sensed life within. He instead aimed for the axis joints, causing many of the spacecraft to drift about helplessly.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 22
A translucent canopy hinged open and a large bulky figure covered in obsidian-colored armor staggered out onto the wreck. It turned a long blocky face towards the Ronin and reached for something with a large clawed hand.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 22
Used by
Current location
Very Common
10 ft cockpit, 15 ft chassis
Complement / Crew
Single Pilot
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
One craft headed straight towards the Ronin Warrior. Anubis swung down, cleaving the cockpit straight down the middle. Both halves passed on either side of Anubis. He glanced to the right and saw the terrified pilot scrunched up on the absolute farthest edge of his seat. Their gazes met and Anubis flashed the pilot a smirk before the remains of the craft plummeted.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 29
Nether Spirits sat at the helm of many Dynasty barges and used their powers to disable and destroy oncoming D-class fighters. One fighter headed towards a barge on a collision course, and as his ship began to break apart, the Noble pilot sprang out from the cockpit and landed on the deck of the vessel, startling the Dynasty Droids aboard. He lashed about with his tail and claws, slaying many of them before succumbing to his injuries and collapsing.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 29

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