Storm Breakers

Look around, lad. This is your home for the next year or so - and she's built to keep us safe! At least, that's what they tell us.
— A veteran Chaser to a nervous newcomer
  Storm Breakers are the ship of choice for the Storm Chasers, a group of scientists-cum-adventurers who aim to research the violent storms on the planet of Ilya. These ships have been specially developed in order to withstand rough seas and bad weather, with the intent that more Chasers make it back to shore alive.


The engines of the Stormbreakers run on coal and steam, which power two propellers attached to the stern.   The Stormbreakers are also equipped with a set of sails in case of engine failure, although these are rarely used.

Weapons & Armament

Whilst the Stormbreakers are not built or intended for fighting, each one is equipped with a harpoon for emergencies. As far as anyone knows, no one has ever been required to use them.

Armor and defense

The most important and most expensive part of any Shieldbreaker is its defenses. The ship is constructed with Shielding Magic woven into it, as well as the hull consisting of two strengthened layers of metal. Magic is rare and expensive on Ilya, but the Storm Chasers believe that this is a necessary expense.   Ideally, a minimum of two people who know Shielding magic are required as part of the crew. These people take rotating shifts in order to strengthen and repair the Shielding as required.In practice, each Stormbreaker is lucky to have one Shielding mage aboard when they leave port.

Communication Tools & Systems

Each Stormbreaker is equipped with a radio to keep in contact with those back on land. These are unreliable and often do not have the range required to be truly useful.
Owning Organization
Related Technologies
Complement / Crew
Eight crewmembers
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Just enough space for supplies for a lengthy voyage.

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