The Storm Chasers

Sure, most of them don't come back - but think of the glory if you do!
— A potential Storm Chaser
  The Storm Chasers are a controversial internation organisation spread out across the continent of Ilyana. Their stated purpose is to conduct research into the vast and unpredictable storms that ravage the Endless Sea, but most people view them as rather suicidal thrill-seekers.


The Storm Chasers were founded on a strong culture of brotherhood and camaraderie (though despite the term 'brotherhood', it should be noted that they have never excluded women).   Respect for elders runs strongly through the organisation, particularly for those who have returned safely from an expedition out to sea. Safe returns are marked with special tattoos, and it is deeply taboo to imitate or forge one.   Younger recruits who are in training often dare each other to pull of dangerous stunts. After several avoidable deaths, this has been officially forbidden; in practice, this means that the recruits are expected to hide their activities well enough that their trainers can have plausible deniability.

Public Agenda

The Endless Sea dominates much of the planet of Ilya, with land other than the main continent of Ilyana sparse, isolated, and mostly uninhabited. Exploration has always been difficult, with most throughout history content to stay to near waters.   However, there have always been those who have longed to explore everything the planet and the ocean have to offer. The Storm Chasers are one such group, founded on the principle of learning everything they can about the extreme and capricious weather systems of the sea in order to make ocean travel safer and more predictable.   So far, this hasn't been entirely successful, with the low rate of returning Chasers condemning them to be seen as reckless idiots by most of the planet's population.


The Storm Chasers have a small fleet of purpose-built, highly resilient ships known as Storm Breakers. They also have headquarters in several large port towns across the continent.


The Storm Chasers was founded almost two hundred years ago by a meteorologist named Stephen Milesson, who had always been fascinated by tales of the super storms out on the open ocean. He felt that if the storms were more understood, they could be predicted and therefore sea travel and exploration would become a lot safer.   His call for aid was answered by adventurers rather than scientists, but he did not let this stop him. He set out on a hired boat with a small group of men. This expedition ended in failure, as no one returned.   However, Milesson's mission inspired other people to follow in his footsteps. Training was implemented, becoming more intense as the magnitude and danger of the storms became truly known. Purpose built ships were commissioned, and the Storm Chasers became more organised.

Fast Winds, Smooth Waters

Founding Date
2129.04.32 EVT
Expedition, Scientific
Organization Vehicles

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