The Endless Sea

Why would we explore space when there's so much about our own ocean we do not know?
— A commonly held belief
  The Endless Sea covers over ninety percent of the planet of Ilya, interrupted only by scattered, isolated islands and the large continent of Ilyana. Despite the best efforts of the planet's inhabitants, it remains largely unexplored.


From shallow reefs to deep, dark abysses, the Endless Sea is vast and varied in its environments. Due to the lack of natural landmarks, navigation is achieved mainly by the observation of the stars.


Much of the life in the Endless Sea is governed by the currents. Warm currents are produced by geothermal vents deep underwater, providing parts of the sea with both warmth and rich nutrients.

Localized Phenomena

Across the surface of the Endless Sea, vast and violent storms rage.   At the extreme north and south of the planet, patches of the sea remain frozen all year round. These grow and diminish throughout the year.

Fauna & Flora

Conservative estimates place the number of species inhabiting the Endless Sea at around five million plants and animals, though some biologists believe there could be up to ten million.   There are also many mythical creatures that are said to inhabit the dark waters of the ocean, though evidence for these exists only in the tales of sailors and fishermen.

Natural Resources

Deep below the sea floor are large wells of natural oil, formed from the remains of plants and animals from millions of years ago.   Underwater quarries have been created to the north of Ilyana to mine the hard, versatile rock known as carondine. Carondine is used in many buildings across the continent and is prized for its resistance to erosion.
Alternative Name(s)
The Ocean
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