The Gryphon

The Gryphon is a famous research vessel and ship which the famous scholar and cartographer Aemon Astaeri used for exploration purposes. At the time of its maiden voyage (759 A.E.) the ship was a breakthrough in Revaelorian nautical technology (speed, stability and design). It took over 100 labourers 5 years to shape and build to a quality Astaeri was happy with.  

Ship Geography

The Gryphon by Gilly Hartill



Maiden Voyage

  On its maiden voyage in 759-762 AE. Astaeri discovered Docca De’brassa, the second largest city in The Ember Isles, after 3 weeks traversing The Sea of Glass. Astaeri mapped the islands over the space of 3 years before coming home to Bridgeport with Embari goods: spices, fine silks and pottery.   Shortly after, the Merchants Guild formed, composed of rich merchants interested in trade with Ember Isles.  


  Astaeri wasn’t in Bridgeport for long before he received a tip from an Embari noble of a land to the West of Elvara, a land of dwarven strong men. After 3 months of sailing the Biting Sea, a storm caused the ship to run aground. Astaeri and his crew just about made it through the Ironcleft estuary in Kuldrith with the ship’s sails barely intact. The ship was recovered but repairs took 2 years, during which Astaeri spent time learning Kuldrithian ways.   From Kuldrith he sailed to Zelgrod, though it is disputed how long he stayed there as history has twisted the account. After 6 months, he and his crew ran aground again, this time in the whispering marches of Erannor. There was ‘rescued’ by the notable sorcerer Leoran and a handful of students on their own expedition to study straggle-reed in the area. Given direction from the sorcerer, he sailed south to the coastal town of Sarrinar, which has since developed into a full port for trade with the rest of Astaeria.   Gryphon and its crew set sail for the last time in 776 A.E. from Tullis Island, west via The Ember Isles, in order to discover more about the Wildlands beyond the Scathing Sea. This is the last time they were heard from again.  

Astaeria (Pre-Vanguard Revolution) Base Map Image

A 1325 A.E. copy of the map Astaeri drew before his final journey west in 776 A.E.

Cover image: Sunset Sea Ship by ELG21


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The ship and crew had an adventure with Aemon!   Lavani's review was "The Gryphon, explored the Ember Isles and the unknown beyond. Now lost, the ship was pushed into myth by the famous cartographer Aemon Astaeri!"

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