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A long, lightweight, squat and narrow wheeled, ski equipped and, floatable vehicle used to traverse the dense Wylde Woode and other dense or narrow terrains. Designed for its versatility for use over multiple terrains, it is quickly configurable to face immediate challenges an adventurer or traveller meets along their repsective travels. It was concevied for not only its versatility to meet the demands on short notice, but to expressly provide a profile for squeezing through/along dense challenges such as animal trails, narrow rivers, and creeks. The canoegan is made of lightweight, hollow materials to maximize its efficiency in all possible configurations. The canoegan is not recommended as a passenger vehicle even in its floating configuration because it cannot support loads over 80 pounds.
The canoegan is unkown outside @theSince the canoegan while versatile in its use, is best suited for small groups or individuals travelling through dense forested areas, on narrow rivers and creeks, or over snow and flat terrains.
The length of a canoegan can vary from 4' to 16' in length.
The height of a canoegan varies from a flat toboggan like configuration to a height to only inches above the ground to a height of 4' 6" when configured with wheels and deepest sides for carrying cargo.l
The empty weight varies depending on the length of the canoegan, but since its configurable parts become part of the configuration when not in use, the weight is consistent regardless of its current configuration.
A canoegan can travel at three-quarter the speed of the operator's or creature's normal speed for the current terrain when applied to propel the canoegan.
Complement / Crew
One medium or up to four small creatures can be used to propel a canoegan.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
80lbs in any configuration with no passenger capacity due its lack of suspension, making for an extremely bumpy and uncomfortable ride,


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