Kjor Twin-Galley

"Its unique twin-hull system and bridging deck will allow us to raise our passenger and crew complements far beyond the average Avadian penteconter, and almost triple that of the Kjor galley. With the additional cargo storage, we can stay at sea for longer without the need to resupply. It is the perfect way to get supplies and colonists to our holdings without alerting our rivals.
Megnir, developer of the twin-galley, pitching the vessel to King Arjor of Kjoqvist
  The Kjor twin-galley is the primary long-range seagoing transport for sailors from the Kingdom of Kjoqvist. Unlike the Kjor galley or the Avadian penteconter , these vessels are not equipped for naval combat and are purely dedicated to the long-range transportation of cargo and passengers en-masse.   As the name suggests, the twin-galley is the Bronze Age equivalent of a catamaran, constructed of two galley hulls connected with a large elevated central deck bridging the two hulls. This central deck allows for additional space for cargo or passengers and also features a single mast and square-rigged sail to supplement the rowers of both vessels. The deck can be modified easily, adding an additional tier for further cargo or passenger space if necessary.   The twin-galley is a recent development, pioneered by the Kjoqvist-Calinan Trading Company to facilitate long-range travel from Kjoqvist into the Calinan Sea and the Sapphire Sea without the need for excessive resupplies in potentially hostile Avadian territories. To that end, the twin-galley also serves as a stealth vessel as well as a supply and passenger ship.


Like just about all seagoing vessels of any major size at this point in history, the primary source of propulsion for a twin-galley comes from banks of oars, propelled by rowers. The elevation of the central deck allows for both hulls to row on port and starboard bows.

Armor and defense

Most twin-galleys are relatively defenseless in naval warfare and rely on either remaining further out at sea to evade potential hostiles or travelling with an escort of galleys or biremes for protection. In the event the vessel is boarded, the martial tradition of the Kjor allows them to excel at repelling boarders.
19 metres on bridging deck, 5 metres per hull
40 metres
Up to 17 km/h
Complement / Crew
160+ sailors


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