Tombwalkers are vehicles fabricated by the Architects of Yronroost. They resemble suits of armor made of a pale metal with intricate inlays made of an unknown shimmering substance. They are substantially larger than the individuals that use them and are controlled by means of levers and pedals from a chamber in the torso where the pilot is ensconced.   Through means unknown to all but the Architects themselves, Tombwalkers are capable of protecting their pilots from moderate concentrations of the Quietus, such as might be found on the surface of a godstomb. Indeed, it is expressly for the purpose of extracting deadiron that most tombwalkers are created, though they are also used to survey godstombs and are capable of traversing the often-vast distances that separate them.

Power Generation

It is believed that tombwalkers are powered by a structure known commonly as the Halo. The Halo is a hoop of the same material as the body of the tombwalker approximately three inches wide and an inch thick with an inner diameter slightly smaller than the breadth of the tombwalker's shoulders. Intricate, radially symmetric, perpetually shifting light patterns occupy the space inside the ring. Though tombwalkers, and their halos by extension, are largely indestructible by conventional means, it is established that tombwalkers lose all functionality in the event that their Halos are destroyed.


Piloted correctly, a tombwalker can create intricate, shifting, radially symmetric light patterns at its palms and the soles of its feet. These patterns, commonly known as thrusters, produce varying degrees of propulsion according to the intentions of the pilot. The acceleration produced by the different settings is invariant over different gravity regimes and inertial profiles (e.g. a setting that produces an acceleration of 2m/s2 in zero gravity with an empty hold will produce an acceleration of 2m/s2 even in the gravity well of a godstomb with a full load of deadiron).   Various secondary thrusters placed at strategic points in the frame of the tombwalker allow the pilot to modify the vehicle's pitch, yaw, and roll, permitting full freedom of orientation in 3D space.   When not in use, thrusters are invisible and intangible.


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2 Aug, 2022 11:59

I love the imagery of the Tombwalkers and even how it sounds pretty much functional as a form of transportation. While you do say that the suits and halos are practically indestructible, is it possible to remove a halo, like say you would a battery? Or are the two essentially glued together?

Sage malkuthe
Malkuthe Highwind
2 Aug, 2022 22:18

Thank you! The Halos are removable but only under certain circumstances. They're regularly taken off the frame when the Architects service the suits. Beyond that, though, they're pretty firmly fixed in place.

6 Aug, 2022 22:29

Cool article. It turned out to be completely different than what I thought that it'd be. It's a unique vehicle that I would never have thought of, very cool. I wonder where it gets its name from.

Sage malkuthe
Malkuthe Highwind
8 Aug, 2022 18:36

Thank you! They are so called because they're used for the exploration and mining of Godstombs.

9 Aug, 2022 12:34

Very interesting details with how the tombwalkers are able to propel themselves at the same relative speed despite their environments! Quite cool for a vehicle built for extracting ores!

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