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Ze-o’-war (zee ə(v) ˈwô(ə)r)

Ze-o’-war is a class of battleship created for long-term defense and travel. When one is seen, its looming presence demands respect from all who pass one. Ze-o’-wars are built with large watertight compartments below the waterline to endure attacks and has enough space to provide a relatively large crew for months at a time. Offensively, the Ze-o’-war is lined with a defensive cannon every two feet along the sides. Interiors typically include two cabins (one for males and one for females) with several beds each, a kitchen, a tablespace that also doubles as a mini-bar, and a stockroom.
The most famous Ze-o’-war of all is without a doubt the S.S. Blackfeet--the signature vessel of The Black Parrot Privateers, granted to Kipp Gartside from the governor of Tyria him/herself as a reward for his instrumental role in putting an end to a scurvy epidemic that nearly crippled the island's pirates and privateers.

Power Generation

Light magic, manual


Wind, Mechanical

Weapons & Armament

Twelve cannons on the side.

Armor and defense

Each ship has six watertight compartments at the bottom of the hull.

Communication Tools & Systems

Space for flag communication

Additional & auxiliary systems

A watchtower and bell
Used by
The Seas' Crown Jewel
S.S (Sailing Ship)
Creation Date
Current location
The rarest of all ship types. 1-3 for each non-landlocked country
Related Technologies
25 feet (7.62m)
105 feet (32m)
24 feet (~7.32m)
200 tons (~321,869 kg)
15 knots
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Should be able to 200 people fed for at least two months

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